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Now that you’ve matched, how do you initiate a conversation like a normal human being?

Well, there’s a lot of different approaches, but here’s some tips we received when we took a survey of our peers: “Say something interesting that makes you stand out instead of ‘Hey.’ Be yourself and don’t think it’s weird.” “Don’t be afraid to initiate, ask questions, and meet in person sooner rather than later.” “Be funny, be direct, never say things like ‘I dunno, whatever you want.’ People with plans are more attractive.” “Use an opener that shows that you paid attention to the other person’s profile and/or that you share a common interest.” The bottom line is: don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Someone you can rest your head against while watching True Detective (Season 2).

Someone who will appreciate your flimsy, flaccid dad bod.* Well, there’s good news: the times have-a-changed, my friend.

No more waiting around for that perfect girl or guy to materialize out of thin air.

No more one night hook ups that begin by chugging straight from the Johnny Walker Black Label bottle and finish with you waking up on your couch with sriracha stains on your mouth and a half eaten quesarito in your lap (because you didn’t actually bring anyone home).

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How it Works -Connects through Facebook -Shows you potential matches in your geographic vicinity -Only shows you users with whom you share mutual Facebook friends -App limits you to deciding on 8 matches per day Pros -Quick -Free -Easy to Use -Emphasis on dating rather than hookups -More relevant candidate pool -Less creepers -User base growing rapidly Cons –Lengthier profile requirements -Only available in 34 U. Cities and 2 foreign ones (London, Toronto) Advice Hinge eliminates a lot of the creep factor that makes Tinder so unattractive.

Plus by signing up for this app, you’re already indicating to women that you intend to try to court them respectfully.

And if they message, you, then you DEFINITELY know they’re interested.

Two hands of Blackjack give you a better chance than one.

How it Works -Connects Through Facebook -Nearly identical to Tinder with one major difference: only women can initiate the conversations (must be within 24 hours) -Requires slightly more information than Tinder (i.e.


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