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In the summer of 1982, Bianca (Barbara's doppelganger) learned this mysterious blonde Englishman's name, Geoffrey.Not long after, at the funeral of James's brother, Lars, Barbara was shocked to see a man who looked exactly like Geoffrey--Gunnar St. Gunnar surprised the Stenbecks by claiming to be James's cousin. Clair orphanage showing that Greta Aldrin, James's ex-nanny, brought him there after his parents died, because James's father didn't want him living in the same house.Later, Barbara's flashbacks started to have a mysterious blonde Englishman coming to Paris who, for some reason, was very angry with Jason.The mysterious blonde Englishman challenged Jason to a dual (with Jason getting the upper hand, at first).Ingrid blamed Barbara and James for her husband's death.Lars and James would have had to share the Stenbeck fortune, and Ingrid said Lars futilely begged James to keep him out of bankruptcy.Later, she had a vision of Bianca wearing a similar dress for Geoffrey.Whenever she wore the blue dress, Barbara felt loved.

At the same time she suspected that James was having another affair, this time with Dee Stewart, Barbara started having bizarre visions of a previous life.

Following Charles' arrest, Jamess brother accused James of marrying Barbara so James would have access to Paul's inheritance. Unfortunately, for Barbara, the marriage proved disastrous.

Seeing nothing wrong with having a wife and a mistress, James began an affair with Margo Montgomery, Barbara's private nurse.

Unfortunately, Claudia's husband, Raymond, proved to be an abusive man and,with Tom's help, Barbara was able to secure custody of Paul. Barbara resisted a romantic reunion with the dashing aristocrat and became engaged to Tom, but Stenbeck soon learned that he was Paul's father and confronted her on her wedding day.

Barbara tearfully left Tom at the altar and ran off to the Caribbean with James and they made plans to marry.


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