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The resolution: The fix for this issue involved installing Office Scan server with the IP address of the egress v NIC, 1.21.Before I began this step I allowed port 8080 on the firewall from the egress v NIC on the Admin server to the Control Manager server in the corporate lan.I’ve recently been working on a project to create a virtualized test and development environment on Flexpod which involved placing a copy of production behind a firewall.This involves similar IPs and server names but also a problem is that the Office Scan server requires two v NICs which isn’t really a solution that Trend advise.Traffic allowed in to the v NIC from the Control Manager server is on port 8080 and the internal client VMs need to communicate with the Office Scan server on ports i.e 19099, and 8080, so allowing internal VMs to hit that egress connection would create a major security risk.

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This is also not something that Trend has documentation on.During the installation enter the IP address of the Control Manager server (as they are on different domains and can’t resolve the name).Once the installation had been completed the next item was to add the new Office Scan server as a managed server from Control Manager.Requirements: To install Office Scan Server on a VM in a DMZ with two v NICs, one with external access to the corporate network and one with internal access via static routes to servers within the DMZ or cell.Only two VMs have ‘egress’ connections to the corporate network and run through an ASA firewall.These VMs could only see the internal facing IP of 1.99.One thing to remember here is that all VMs are on the same domain and are set to register their DNS on the internal IP addresses so both the domain controller and the Admin server were registered in DNS as the internal v NIC IPs.As part of the deployment I had 4 VMs running, the Admin server, domain controller, Server 2008 VM and Windows 7 VM.The test was getting the client VMs, both server2008 and windows 7 communicating with the Office Scan server as the firewall was blocking these VMs from reaching the egress network on the admin server.A quick telnet from the Control Manager server confirmed the change had taken effect.I won’t go into the details of how to install Office Scan as this is well covered in the Trend Installation Guide.


  1. I have a question regarding updating the trend micro office scan. office scan client, all of which are configured how to run and update. if i do enable the proxy then internet is not work that time is not possible to update it.

  2. The icon for the OfficeScan client can be found in the system tray of your workstation desktop. Sends a request to the OfficeScan Manager to update the agent.

  3. Jan 8, 2015. his is not a recommended configuration from Trend for OfficeScan, they. server for updates and licensing but also allow the client VMs in the.

  4. Jun 6, 2014. DLL files; The server updates itself through HTTP; The clients install. The issues are logic and/or cryptographic flaws, not standard memory.

  5. Updates, pattern file updates, and basic technical support for one 1 year from the. OfficeScan Client will not Install on Windows XP Computers. 6-5.

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