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Trek dating service

I watch and read a lot of sci/fi as well as many other genres.I’m a BBW who looks to find an honest, loving and monogamous relationship.After bringing the Federation-Klingon war to a non-violent conclusion, the crew of the USS Discovery sets off from Earth to Vulcan, but — spoiler alert — stops along the way to answer a distress call from the USS Enterprise.The finale’s closing shot sets up a likely meeting between the Discovery’s Cmdr. Christopher Pike, who commanded the Enterprise prior to the tenure of James T. Speaking to in February, after the finale aired, Kurtzman said that season two would address fan questions about the relationship between Burnham and the original “Star Trek” series’ Spock, who were raised together, according to backstory revealed in “Discovery” season one.

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Many of these also left Vulcan, and took up a nomadic existence.They were widely renowned for their strict adherence to logic and reason as well as their remarkable stoicism.In 2161, their homeworld became a founding member of the United Federation of Planets.(") In 2369, evidence was discovered that several species including the Romulans, and therefore also the Vulcans, could be traced back to DNA that had been seeded on many planets by ancient humanoids 4.5 billion years ago.( In an effort to avoid this fate, a Vulcan named Surak developed a new philosophy, thereby igniting the Time of Awakening.Remember to not share ac- count information as the site you are attempting to reach is not affiliated with Arc Games.Okay - I Understand Continue to link and leave Arc Games.With the items found in the Temporal Special Agent Pack, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle these threats. Note: This Start Pack is already included in the Temporal Special Agent Pack.Learn More The gateways in the Dyson spheres have opened a door to the Delta Quadrant, where old friends and enemies wait.Our site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and to strengthen the services of the website.Cookies are not required for all aspects of service, but some of our services may not function properly if you choose to disable cookies.


  1. Mar 28, 2018. "Star Trek Discovery" executive producer Alex Kurtzman will take the helm for the. No air date has yet been scheduled for the premiere. Studios, which produces “Star Trek Discovery” for streaming service CBS All Access.

  2. Close. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Release Date Feb 02, 2010. Star Trek Online Victory is Life - Official Launch Trailer.

  3. Sep 25, 2017. CBS's big bet on “Star Trek Discovery,” the first Star Trek TV series since. is also serving the network's big bet on its over-the-top streaming service. which are spending billions on original content – CBS to date had done.

  4. If you loved the show, the film adaptation, or just the universe of Star Trek, then get on your cam and meet someone who shares the same passion as you.

  5. Jul 27, 2017. In Star Trek Bridge Crew, explore space in Virtual Reality as a member of the Federation and take place on the bridge in a Starfleet ship.

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