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I’m not impoverished, and I have several middle class friends who are doing well in this country.

And so I reject the notion that we constantly need to be talking about-…Those are the key findings of a new study of the racial wealth-gap released this week by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and the Corporation For Economic Development (CFED).

The National Park Service purchased the rest of the island in 1934 and created “Colonial National Historical Park” of land it owned on Jamestown Island, the Colonial Parkway, and parts of the historic town and battlefields of Yorktown.

Preservation Virginia’s acreage on the western end of the island includes the James Fort site and current archaeological digs, the 17th-century brick church tower and cemetery, the 1907 brick Memorial Church, the riverside Dale House Café run by Carrot Tree Kitchens, the Archaearium archaeology museum, and the Rediscovery Center research and collections facilities.

The Virginia Company brought Polish and Dutch colonists within the first year of settlement.

The first documented Africans were brought to Jamestown in 1619.

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In the report “Who Owns the Land,” the United States Department of Agriculture disclosed all of Black America only owns just under 8 million acres. A group of people who are descended from slaves, downwardly mobile, have no wealth, land or inheritance are monolithic in that they are poor, regardless of whether Rye drinks mimosas with her middle class friends on Sunday afternoon.

Historic Jamestowne, encompassing all of Jamestown Island, is the original site of James Fort and the first successful English settlement in North America.

The 1500 acre island is connected to the mainland by a manmade causeway via the Colonial Parkway.

What would’ve been the reaction had a white person on CNN said, in reaction to Trump’s comments, “Well, I have middle class black friends who are doing fine.” Black twitter would’ve roasted that person.

And Rye shouldn’t get a pass either just because she’s black.


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