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The ranking results reflect your search criteria and our assessment of the attractiveness of the offer compared to other offers available on our site.It also reflects the compensation paid by the booking site.I tried it for a conference in Toronto and it has me flying in and out of Pittsburgh and STAYING in Pittsburgh.

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Personally, I had situations where I needed to get somewhere by some specific time for meetings, weddings, and other events by a specific time but the planning process seemed broken.In addition, they seemed to just give me a ton of flights that didn't work for my trip; leaving me sitting there trying to see if my flight gets in on time for my meeting.I also would always have my Google Maps open to see where my meeting is relative to the hundreds of hotel choices, and if there's in heavy traffic areas, getting from one place to another on time is pretty difficult.Even if I have a dedicated assistant, it could take them hours to plan all the details to a conference in Shenzhen (or some city unfamiliar to you or the assistant). Based on the amount of time it spent me to book a trip for someone recently, this may save me a ton of time next time I need to book a trip.Now it's all done in less than 5 minutes, from departure ground transportation to the airport to the flight itself, all the way to arrival ground transportation to the hotel for the event, and back. All I did was tell it where I needed to be & when and it did the rest. Booking a trip shouldn't be one size fits all -- TRAVO understands that and designed the trip around me. EDIT: I will add the the flights are sending me in quite a weird way.TRAVO optimizes for timing and requires the user to just input a single thing - a traveler's commitment location or date(s).TRAVO uses billions of data points to formulate a complete itinerary and provide timing-centric tools around your objectives to modify flights, lodging, and ground transportation.Is there any efficacy to "electropsychometers," or are the guts of these machines as full of crap as L. Jeff Henry often said that his goal in life was to make customers of his family's legendary water parks happy — "to put a smile on their faces, to give them a thrill or two." It was a beautiful vision. If you were involved in military training or any kind of athletics, chances are you were punished by being ordered to drop into a squat, kick your feet back into a push-up plank, jump back into a squat and then stand up again.You have a solid idea of what your business is, but how do you communicate your plan to investors?Everything is meticulously planned algorithmically using the huge data warehouse at the disposal of Travo. It's time-consuming, clunky, and broken when it comes to being tailored to your schedule. No need to flip back-&-forth between different airlines, hotels, and maps to piece together a trip and I wasn't left feeling like there was a better itinerary out there for me. Seeing what would happen booking a meeting in SF, departing from San Diego took me by way of Salt Lake City which is quite out of the way.This is a tremendous execution on technology integration and product. I see that I can change the flights if I don't like what was automatically populated, but SD to SF should be [email protected] @katie_weiler I had the same experience.


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