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In the Dodecanese, for example, the celebration starts a couple of days before when relatives and friends will go to the new house of the couple “to make the marriage bed”.

This is like the kitchen party found in some Western countries or similar to adding to the new couples dowry.

As his friends are dressing him and getting him ready, the gathering of friends and family of the groom sing the marital song.

In the meanwhile visitors, friends and relatives have a great drinking party in the main lounge or on the veranda if it is good weather.

Greece and Russia are the only countries to have such a big proportion of Christians Orthodox.

Greek Traditions related with the religion: Apokries: There is a main period of feasting that covers the 40 days before Easter week , the Sarakosti (the name derives from the number 40, Saranta).

Depending on their financial status, the amounts of money the fathers throw can sometimes be very large indeed.

This is followed by friends and relatives who will add to this their envelope with money, afterwards a baby will be placed on the bed in order to bring prosperity and fertility to the couple.

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Traditions in Greece and Greek Islands are either of a religious character or coming from paganism.Greece Religion The 97% of the Greeks are Christians Orthodox.The rest of the population are Muslims, Roman Catholics and Jewish.A quaint tradition that happened the day before this Feast of Klydonas was for young unmarried girls to try and fish out of a jar of water a ring or coin that had been previously placed there.The Jar would be placed on the roof of buildings and covered by a white cloth and, the next evening, all the neighbours would gather at the doorstep of a house for the opening of the jar with the (Amilito Nero) the silent water.However, instead of gifts for the house, money (and sometime serious money) inside envelopes is given.Usually the couple’s fathers will set the ball rolling by throwing money on the marriage bed as a gift to the new couple.As a child myself I used to make my own kite for that day using newspaper, string and straws.Today the children by plastic ready-made kites from the shops but the enjoyment and the tradition is still very much alive.Klydonas: The Feast of Klydonas and the jumping over fire during St John’s celebration at the end of June is one of the traditions that has slowly disappeared. As the cities got bigger and more crowded there was no longer anywhere that one could safely pile up logs and make a fire in the neighbourhood streets.40 years ago though this was an exciting event that could be experienced in nearly every neighbourhood.


  1. This custom of giving sugared almonds is another traditional tradition done at Italian weddings Greek wedding Traditions, similar to other countries, the date from the wedding itself should be chosen carefully.

  2. Greek traditions and customs can be better understood if you decide to actually to go on holiday on this beautiful land you will experience first hand how the people here are so tied to the classical myths but stillThe traditional Greek dances are numerous but the most famous is certainly the Sirtaki.

  3. Unique Wedding Customs and Traditions From Around the Globe. Chinese couples consulted an astrologer or fortune-teller to find a favorable date derived from their birth dates. Attire. For centuries, Chinese brides wore the traditional qipao, a bright-red silk dress with intricate gold embroidery.

  4. The Wedding procedure starts with the groom's side sending elders Shimagle who then request a union between the parties. The elders discuss a dowry ጧሎሽ.

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