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Requirements of luminescence detectors applied in individual and clinical dosimetry and some recent developments in luminescence of detectors and techniques leading to significant improvements of the functionality and accuracy of dosimetry systems are reviewed and discussed.

Many of these terms and phrases are quite explicit, but understand that many of these were used in the days before political correctness. Brain Fart - a condition when, under stress, one cannot recall or perform something that would normally be easy or second nature.

This is also a place to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with veganism and vegetarianism, as well as any current news and/or resources.

If you’re in the Durham region and would like to learn more about a vegetarian lifestyle, this group offers friendly, informal support and meets monthly (first non-holiday Wednesday of each month) at a local restaurant.

The Traffic Rank is an estimation of a website's popularity in comparison with other websites, where a rank of #1 reflects the site with the highest popularity.

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These were my shipmates and we are a brotherhood that gave so others could have. Bremerloes - Female of husky build and /or ugly as hell.

So, in saying that, these are the submarine slang terms and phrases I have compiled from my brother submariners.12 mile limit – referring to the international 12 mile boundary, but sailors use it to mark the time when “anything goes” when outside the 12 mile limit.‎”120 sailors go down, 60 couples come back” – derogatory phrase used by jealous surface sailors who think they are being funny. Bilge Pickers – A long thin tool used to pick items out of out-of-reach areas. Term originated at Bremerton, Washington base where they are rather common.

For more information please leave a message at the TVA office or email [email protected] join their Facebook group.

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Ha fucking ha.20 knots - The maximum speed of a submarine that is allowed to be told to someone outside the submarine community.400 feet - The maximum depth of a submarine that is allowed to be told to someone outside the submarine community.‎42 and a wake-up – actually, any number and a wake-up. Biologics - Marine life picked up on sonar...usually noisy whales, dolphins, shrimp, etc. Also know as Grotopotomus when in Groton, Connecticut.

Counting down to going home, retirement, or any other significant event.7 P's - Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Also known as Piss Poor Planning Produces Piss Poor Performance. Latest version of the Mark 48 torpedo.“Air in the banks, shit in the tanks, ready to submerge below... ” – An abbreviated, unauthorized, yet humorous way to report the submarine is ready to dive. - to go really fast without regard to how much noise you make. Blow and Go – To emergency blow the main ballast tanks. Broach or Broaching the Boat - Sticking the sail of the submarine out of the water...a cardinal sin for a Diving Officer when underway.


  1. Each attendee is encouraged to interact via roundtable discussions, ‘speed dating networking’ and sit down meals. Thomas is the CEO of TLD.

  2. Submarine Slang Terms and Phrases. 20 knots - The maximum speed of a submarine that is allowed to be told. TLD - Thermo-Luminescent.

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