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Tips playing cool dating

This may present itself as a game, but with a little extra planning to ask a date out in advance, I’ll bet you’ll hear a lot more “yes’s” and feel like women are a lot less hard to get.

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This became an issue for us both and instead of being the bigger person and communicating with him, I played games and hard to get, intentionally logging onto the site and leaving it open so he would see me on there. Well, as most of you have guessed, my games backfired and he told me he did not want to date a woman who was always online seeking other men.In this crazy and fast-paced age of technology, we have lost sight of quality, real intimacy and conversation.Fortunately and unfortunately, we have options of people to date online beyond anything we could have imagined.I cannot tell you how many men I have clicked with via email online dating, to have them ask for my number.I’ve asked them to call me and, instead, have received a text with the expectation of having a full, personal, get-to-know-each-other convo via text messages. Some men have respected my request and others have labeled me “tough” or “hard to get.” Sadly, I bet I have missed out on a few good guys who just don’t give good phone, but I’m willing to take my chances and hold out for the guys who want to make the effort to know me.Now, there are always exceptions and last minute fun events or basketball tickets that come up, but we are focusing here on the beginning stages of dating, so humor me.My girlfriends and I have talked this topic to death and we have all said “no” to last minute dates and, of course, been accused of playing hard to get for it.Believe me, it is not always easy and I have had to have serious self-control to pass up a date with that sexy man who I had the hots for on the other end of the phone. Guys, women want to be courted and made to feel special.They don’t want to feel like a last minute plan or an afterthought. And, yes, we can choose to perceive it as an excuse; but I can tell you firsthand, I have been accused of playing hard to get or intentionally not being available when, in fact, I have been working 15-hour days.If I am speaking at an event or filming on set for 12 hours straight, I am not playing hard to get, but may not even have my phone to call or text you back, and I certainly don’t have time to see you for dinner that night. More and more women are uber focused on their careers.


  1. A man needs to know how to beat a woman’s mind games if he doesn’t. positive results in your dating life. Cool. playing it cool because they say women.

  2. The Soulmates Blog Home; Tips. A free dating website is going to. The trouble is that it’s hard to know whether the person you like is playing it.

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