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Tips for dating a rockstar

If you’re lucky enough to meet someone famous and he sweeps you off of your feet and you two are now a couple, unless you quit your job and travel with him, you may feel like you’re still alone.That’s because he’s out traveling, making money and enjoying the nightlife in whatever town he’s in while you’re sitting home wondering what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with.If you’re lucky, you might get taken for a weekday meal to Burger King. It goes without saying that wherever there’s a band, there are going to be lots of girls hanging out.If you trust the guy 100 percent, then it shouldn’t be a problem, but even if you’re remotely insecure, seeing girls everywhere can mess with your head (and if he needs them to feed his ego, there’s a reason for it). Imagine going to the same gig and hearing the same songs every weekend – it quickly becomes like Groundhog Day.

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If you have a particular passion or issue that’s near and dear to your heart, being with a celebrity may give you the opportunity to do so.Believe me, there’s nothing less fun than spending your Saturday evening getting lost on a country road, trying to find some remote village.Not only that, but you get to be a roadie too, and lift heavy amps from the back of the car/van into the venue. When the band breaks up, he’ll become an emotional wreck.Even though it technically isn’t your money, be prepared for some people to come out of the woodwork with their hands out.If your man is rich and famous then chances are he has some crazed fans that wish they were in your shoes.Every celebrity has fans who are slightly out of touch with reality.And their delusional hatred may be aimed towards you because you’re with the man of their dreams.Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Wright recently revealed that back when they were together, she had to deal with crazy groupie who spray-painted and scratched her car.It got so bad Wright was forced to move out of school and town.Celebrities need love too and they don’t always end up with another famous person.But before you decide to date a famous person, here are some pros and cons that you may want to consider.


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