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The right stuff ivy dating

(Perhaps some of these people knew they weren’t what they claimed to be.) Also nearly all on Craig’s List were submitted by people more than half my current age.

Other Internet dating channels demanded so much money, often as much as fifty bucks per month, that they discouraged not only freeloaders but me.

Need I add that some Right Stuff women introduced themselves to me, sometimes successfully.

Through this route I met in the mid-1990s a woman I loved for several years, whom I should have met before, had the person knowing us both in the 1960s cared to introduce us.

Though Facebook became something else more general, it began with the understanding that the old ways for heterosexual introductions weren’t working as well as they did before. I recall meeting lovely teenagers who went to other high schools, some nearby; but since transportation out of my insulated town was problematic until one became licensed to drive a car, these relationships didn’t develop.

Once old enough to drive, I could pursue young women met at jobs we shared, such as a counselor at a summer day camp. Some of them introduced me to other women whom I dated and, in one case, married.

I joined Senior for a month and met some interesting women, one of them I saw again until I didn’t.

At least their offerings weren’t clogged by heterosexual beginners.

Later lovers, after an early divorce, were met in graduate school classes, in art museums, at concerts, and in offices publishing me.

So I checked again into dating services, returning to The Right Stuff, which was again the best for me, but also sampling others.

Some such as E-Harmony were so needlessly complicated and digressive that I doubt if anyone ever met anyone significant through them.

he most remarkable feature of Facebook’s origins is that it began as a new channel to connect guys to gals—more specifically, for Harvard guys to ogle and perhaps meet Harvard gals otherwise inaccessible, presumably.

This people-connecting service then expanded to serve students at other elite universities desiring to meet each other. I found my first loves in high school in suburban New York.


  1. A look at the world of dating for those over 45. wrong approach, says Dawn Touchings, president of The Right Stuff, a 5,000-member “introduction network” based in New Jersey that caters to Ivy Leaguers and alumni from other top schools.

  2. Right Stuff Dating is an international dating site that bills itself as an. To join Right Stuff Dating, you'll have to provide proof of your graduate or faculty status.

  3. The Right Stuff is an international introduction network for single graduates and faculty of a select group of excellent universities and colleges. It is a civilized.

  4. The Right Stuff is an international introduction network for single graduates and faculty of a select group of excellent universities and colleges. The Right Stuff.

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