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Thai dating bar girls

Not all Thai women are bad, in fact most of them are generally good people.Places such as Pattaya tend to attract ladies with a need for money.However, if you are being lied to or scammed, your money could be better spent elsewhere.As leading private detectives, we can help save you money by exposing Thai ladies that lie and cheat.If you speak to ladies that are working in the Thai nightlife, you will find that many of them have children.Typically, their children will live in the care of their grandparents, with the mother usually having to support all of them herself.

Often the foreign man will need to support his girlfriend and her family with money, this is normal in Thai culture when you start to establish a serious relationship.It can be much cheaper to hire us and discover the truth of a situation and we offer free quotes for all work undertaken.If you would like to learn more about bar girl scams, then read our bar girl investigations blog post.It's very common for Thai ladies to lie about where they work and their relationship status when they're trying to hook up with foreign men.If you'd like to learn more about this and how we can help you, please read our blog post about the risks of internet dating in Thailand.These cellphones can be sent to any address in Thailand.We can also investigate people using more traditional methods.Often times bar girls will aim to have multiple boyfriends sending them money every month.Our job as private investigators is to expose the lies told by bar girls and bring our clients the truth.The city is filled with thousands of different beer bars, bar complexes, a gogo bars, clubs and discos.Thousands of foreign men visit Thailand each year and meet Thai ladies working in the adult entertainment industry.


  1. Feb 8, 2011. The most striking thing to me about Thai bar girls is how genuinely nice many are. Don't know. Ignore all advice about dating bar girls.

  2. Nov 18, 2017. Thai women, dating Thai women, girls in Thailand, Thai brides. Of course, they asked me if she's a bar girl and they started torturing me with.

  3. It is all based on the subject of bar girls and the casual relationships bar goers have with them, if you know what we mean. It is often frowned.

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