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Teenage dating violence theropy

The use of social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, Friends Reunited, Match etc.) is becoming increasingly popular, with 43 per cent of Internet users posting messages to social networking sites, chat sites and blogs in 2010.This activity has proven to be most common among Internet users aged between 16 and 24, of whom 75 per cent posted messages and 50 per cent uploaded self created content in 2010.Others will use occasionally, for instance for a once weekly food shop, others will use weekly perhaps for reading their favourite online paper or blog, and others will use social networking sights daily for keeping in touch with friends and family.Internet usage only becomes a problems when it begins to take up too much of your time, to the point where you start to neglect whats going on in real-life.There are various symptoms of Internet addiction, and each individual is likely to experience a different set.However, below are some key indicators to be aware of: As mentioned throughout this fact-sheet, escapism is a factor which draws many people to the Internet.Whilst there are currently no official rules and regulations in position to stipulate what level of training and experience a counsellor dealing with Internet addiction needs, we do recommend that you check your therapist is experienced in this area.

The vast majority of online gamers are able to strike a balance between gaming, work, friends and family, but unfortunately for some the compulsion to play online games becomes uncontrollable meaning that other areas of real life are neglected.

According to the Gambling Commission there are an estimated 236,000 to 378,000 problem gamblers in Britain.

Whilst problem gambling has been an issue for a number of years now and there are many associations and support groups offering help and advice, the ease and availability of gambling online has made it more accessible than ever.

The condition exists in many subtypes, all of which are essentially characterised by excessive, overwhelming or inappropriate use of online activities, which if done in person would usually be considered negative.

For example, compulsive gambling, shopping, pornography use or gaming.


  1. She rose to fame in MTV’s Teen Mom but Farrah Abraham has no intention of stepping away from the limelight. The 22-year-old reality star has signed up to appear on VH1 reality TV series Couples Therapyby herself. While Farrah isn’t reported to be dating

  2. She never really confirmed her relationship with NFL player Brian Urlacher when they first started dating back in April this year. But Jenny McCarthy has now come clean, and has admitted that the pair have in fact been enjoying a romance.

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