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Success with women and dating dating and job search

The emotional needs are status, connection and security.

Before we dive into the 10 fundamentals that I sum up to succeed with women, make sure you already know how different types of attraction should play in relationship stages and how emotional needs play in a relationship.

In fact, reading this article alone won't affect your comprehension very much but I wish you know the big picture and how thing works behind the scenes.

Do anything that you think can improve your looks, be consistent is the key.That's why self-improvement is so important, psychically and emotionally.Many guys waste their time on studying pickup materials because they can't see the full picture of love.To be a people person who can relate with people easily, there's no quick fix. Don't stay at home watch tv, see Facebook, play games, etc.Get out from your room, go to talk to people, join outdoor activities, and make new friends.If you feel anxious around women, start to talk to them.Don't search online to see what "canned lines" can use to talk to women, that will not help you to improve.If you want to be successful with women, then you have to always strive to be the best person you can be.Obviously, this doesn't only improve your dating and relationships, it also improves your other aspects of life.Like what being said, you have to love yourself before you love women.If you don't even love yourself, why women have to love you?


  1. Once you settle these 10 fundamentals, success with women is a surefire thing. There's no shortcut in dating and relationships, people who seek for shortcut.

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