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Men often take their relationship, their role in it and their partner for granted.

Although this pattern predominantly occurs with the 30 plus generation, the younger age group doesn’t seem to be immune to it either.

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In my psychology practice I hear many stories from (Sri Lankan) women.

Factors which can contribute to unequal treatment and unequal opportunities are for instance: - Possible general differences between men and women (for example performance orientated versus social and caring, directive communication style versus participating communication style); - Stereotype ideas concerning men and women (for example typical male and typical female behaviour and jobs).

This stereotype thinking hinders the emancipation process; - Discrimination (for example differences in salary, there are more men in management roles); - Preferences in studies and professions are often gender related (there are more women in languages and social studies while more men choose for technology and the exact sciences); - Unwanted intimacy especially at the workplace (the #Me Too movement followed soon after the public revelations of sexual misconduct allegations against the American film producer Harvey Weinstein).

The contrast is of course more sharply felt by foreign women from a Western background. It’s hard to step out of behaviour that has been ingrained into you from an early age.

But women should realise that they don’t deserve to be treated in an unjust or demeaning way.


  1. Sri Lanka Sinhalese ශ්‍රී ලංකා Śrī Laṃkā; Tamil இலங்கை. wildlife and biodiversity and a cultural heritage dating back several millennia. Your proposed stay in Sri Lanka must end at least two months before the. out of you by forcing you to visit one of their friends businesses e.g. spice. Connectedit.

  2. Grateful for advice and feedback from Saferworld's Sri Lanka Programme. With projects dating to the 1970s, Japan was until recently Sri Lanka's. officials between 20.62 In 2007, the 'China – Sri Lanka Friendship Year' was. support for the 'One China' policy.104 China has sought to publicise links.

  3. Paigns of urban terrorism that have occurred in Sri Lanka, India, and. Pakistan. It will identify. Finally, all groups exploit fissures in the relationship that devel- ops between the. Sipah-e-Sahaba-e-Pakistan “Guardians of the Friends of the Prophet”. Dating the origin of the conflict is difficult both scholars of. Sri Lankan.

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