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The reason for its success is based on the unique application focus of the book, the ease of use and robustness of Flex Sim software, with the commitment of continued support to both students and educators. Considering starting a simulation course at your university? Because we publish in house we can quickly release updated versions as the software changes.We know that switching to a new textbook is a lot of work.Please visit our educational store to obtain your own copy of Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using Flex Sim. When we decided to develop an education program we knew that we wanted to keep it as low cost as possible while maintaining a high quality program and product.Since its introduction in 2010, the textbook Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using Flex Sim has become an integral part of curriculums in colleges and universities throughout the world. We have managed to do this by keeping the publishing in house so we control the cost.Direct access to the authors for pedagogical support allows quick response and feedback.And an educator forum allows educators to share teaching hints and methods.

This dual perspective permits technical innovation to be depicted as a contingent and experimental process, and not simply one in which theoretical results are applied in practice.These processes are described in programming languages, and the characteristics of programming languages affect the production of software in many ways.§Rather than concentrating on the description of individual languages and the production of taxonomies of languages, A Science of Operations presents a more general account of the development of theoretical ideas about programming and the way in which these ideas became embodied in particular languages.The book draws on this account to offer an explanation of certain well-known features of the history of programming, such as the success of the structured programming movement in the 1960s and 1970s, and the subsequent popularity of the object-oriented approach.§The text places particular emphasis on the relationship between programming languages and mathematical logic, arguing that logic played a significant role in providing a theoretical framework within which programming language development could take place.This manual was developed by the textbook authors and includes solutions to all end-of-chapter review questions and textbook exercises.The Simulation Insight Series was created so that educators can assign individual videos to students as homework.A series of short videos – the simulation insight series – helps students learn about Flexsim on their own.A four week online class introduces how to model using Flex Sim.The following are folders found on the Educator Downloads site: These models, found in the “Chapter Exercises” folder, contain solutions to each of the exercises in the book. Many chapters in the textbook cover simulation concepts by using Flex Sim as an example.These corresponding model files can be found in the “Chapter Examples” folder. Allen Greenwood and Bill Nordgren have generously made available the complete set of materials from their simulation courses, including slides, quizzes, exams, projects, and syllabus.It also offers the possibility of providing substantive explanations of the fine detail of these innovations.§A Science of Operations will be of interest not only to professional historians but also to computing professionals who wish to gain a broader perspective on the development of programming.It is informed by current approaches to the historiography of computing, but is written in an accessible manner and does not assume familiarity with the existing literature.


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