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Organized around individual paintings, Bailey's essay begins with the great gunpowder explosion of 1654 and ends with the reverberations of Vermeer's art in the writings of Marcel Proust and the forgeries of Han van Meegeren. His Christian name is favored over the prosaic "Jan" by Catholics and upper-class Protestants. Jan van Goyen, whose tonal landscapes were immensely successful, moves from Leiden to The Hague, where he remains for the rest of his life. 1632, Rembrandt van Rijn establishes a successful career as fashionable portraitist. 20, Sir Christopher Wren (d.1723), astronomer and architect, is born Anthony Van Dyck becomes the court painter to Charles I and favorite portrait painter of an international aristocracy. Practically all his music is created to satisfy the taste and musical interests of Louis XIV. René Descartes pioneers use of exponents in mathematics by introducing the symbol a3.

Highly recommended for general collections and also for art history collections for its broad view and effective style. Vermeer's family background would be described today as lower middle-class. Vermeer's father is mentioned in a notary document as a "caffawerker", a silk worker. Taj Mahal, probably designed n by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri, construction begins. The ballets de cour (1653–1663) and the comédies-ballets (1663–1672) are performed as royal entertainments, the king himself often taking part in the dancing. Galileo's 1632 Cardinal Richelieu orders the construction of the Palais Royale in Paris, France Aug.

Torn between wanting to fight for the truth and not wanting to offend the Church, Galileo equivocates, saying that the heliocentric design "may very easily turn out to be a most foolish hallucination and a majestic paradox," but he does what is necessary to save himself, saying, "I, Galileo, son of the late Vincenzo Galilei, Florentine, aged 70 years, abjure, curse, and detest the aforesaid errors and heresies, and I swear that I will never again say or assert that the sun is the center of the universe and immovable and that the Earth is not the center and moves." He is sent to his villa outside Florence, where he will be confined for the remaining 9 years of his life.

René Descartes takes warning from the trial of Galileo Galilei.

After he returns to his native Amsterdam, his painting style exhibits striking changes.

He begins to use strong contrasts of light and shade that intensify the drama of the scene. Operatic composer Jacopo Peri dies at Florence August 12 at age 71, having pioneered the art form that will become the most popular theatrical entertainment in most of Europe.

During the course of his research, Montias was surprised to learn that the scholarship on one of his favorite artists, Vermeer, was far from exhausted.He also begins to specialize in narrative subjects from the Bible, mythology, and Roman history. which embodies an attempt to give a physical theory of the universe.But finding that its publication is likely to bring on him the hostility of the church, and having no desire to pose as a martyr, he abandons it: the incomplete manuscript is later published in 1664.Dijon, France, imposes regulations on mustard makers, requiring, among other things, that mustard be made only by workers wearing "clean and modest clothes." Later rules will require that mustard be made only from brown or black mustard seeds and seasoned with wine or vinegar plus spices and herbs.Vermeer's father is mentioned as Jansz Vos, tapster and caffaworker (silkworker) and living in "The Flying Fox," an inn in Delft that he had leased. Maes is an excellent genre painter who had studied with Rembrandt and is know to have briefly lived and worked in Delft in the years Vermeer was active. He is a co-pupil of Pieter de Hooch under Nicolaas Bercham in Haarlem.Vermeer's mother is illiterate and his father a hard working man. Nonetheless, many Dutch scholars of the early 29th century, dubbed him Jan, perhaps unconsciously to bring him closer to the mainstream of Calvinist culture. 29, English philosopher John Locke is born in Somerset, England. Vermeer's father, Reynier, is called to a hearing concerning a brawl in which he and some fellow caffa (silk) workers are involved while playing "kolf" on the ice.Vermeer's father joins the Delft artists' guild in Oct.13, 1631 as an art dealer. The philosopher of liberalism influences the American founding fathers and is famous for his treatise "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding." Galileo is tried for heresy. This battle is one of the most decisive battles of the Thirty Years' War. King Władysław IV Vasa of Poland forbids antisemitic books and printings. Knives had been pulled out following sharp insults among the two parties, but the brawl is momentarily subdued (A Dutch saying at the time was "A hundred Hollanders, a hundred knives").Only major events of Vermeer’s life, baptism, marriage, and burial-were recorded in the vellum-bound registers of the Old or the New Church which are preserved now in the Delft archives.After Vermeer's baptism in 1632, little or nothing is known of the artist himself until he marries Catharina Bolnes in 1653.He began a quest to uncover the life of the artist, considered one of the most enigmatic and mysterious.In this book, Montias traced the artist's life through notary records, discovering that Vermeer's grandfather was a convicted counterfeiter; that his grandmother ran illegal lotteries; and that the artist himself fathered 13 children and died at the age of 43, completely destitute. Spinoza's God is not the God of Abraham and Isaac, not a personal God at all, and his system provides no reason for the revelatory status of the Bible or the practice of Judaism, or of any religion, for that matter. 24, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Dutch naturalist, is born. He is the son of Constantijn Huygens, one of the most influential statesmen in the history of the Republic and a grand supporter of the arts and science.


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