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Speed dating in sfv

On Squamish Valley Rd, a bit of pavement rough trade these days thanks to frost heaves and cracks, the Gladius rises to the occasion.

On good pavement you could push the flighty SV650 harder and faster, but the Gladiuss usable grunt and more relaxed manners prove a bonus.

Its not an eye widening experience, just a cavort through the curves as the Gladius and I increasingly push the envelop.

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No, and thats because philosophically the Gladius is very different creature in comparison to the SV.

The easy to read instrument cluster (complete with gear indicator) is letting me know that were on the far side of legality, while doing a remarkably good job of dispersing the wind even as the Gladius snarls upwards through the easy-shifting transmission.

Priced at ,199.00 the Gladius is within stabbing distance of Ducatis ,995 Monster 696.

And regardless of experience the soundtrack will captivate most riders, the Gladius purrs when held at a constant speed, snarls engagingly when pushed, and offers a primal growl on deceleration.

For softer new rider friendly braking, the Gladius uses the SVs dual 290mm front rotors, through the front calipers two-pistons and the master cylinder are slightly smaller.


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