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Speed dating events wollongong

Wollongong University geographer Ted Bryant believes the tsunami may have reached the coast of New South Wales, where he has found evidence of waves up to 130m high that hit about AD 1500.Australian author Gavin Menzies has claimed that a mega-tsunami could have caused the destruction of all but one of 100 ships he says were dispatched by China to circumnavigate the globe in AD 1421.The most reliable and widespread evidence found at the site are natural glass rocks called tektites.Tektites form when a massive impact liquefies its target and sends melt into the atmosphere.Around the year 1400, the natives of New Zealand abandoned their southern coastal settlements and moved inland.A large number of volcanic eruptions occurred in New Zealand during the 15th century.

The natural structures observed on our planet allow geologists, archeologists, and historians to understand environmental events and their impact on humans.

In modern times, geology is used for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration and for evaluating water resources.

The discipline helps scientists understand natural hazards and recurring environmental problems.

It caused the level of snow accumulation in the mountains to increase and the North American Clovis culture disappeared after the event.

The climate change is correlated with the extinction of Pleistocene megafauna.


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