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Speed dating canberra 2016

It’s not clear and obvious that horses can enjoy working with us and many people on either side of the debate have strong views.However, what I do believe is that even if you take the stance that it is not possible for work to be fun for a horse, I think we can all agree that it does not have to be a bad experience.The second ingredient hidden inside the phrase, “always leave them wanting more,” is the idea that whatever it is that we are doing we should stop doing it while it still feels good to a horse.If we continue past the point of a horse feeling okay and into the realm of “I’m over it,” not much good will come out of the experience.The most obvious one that comes to my mind is the way we reward a horse for work done well.The idea of a reward is to both let a horse know it found the right answer and to motivate it to repeat the response the next time we ask.When I was a young man and began dating, my dad offered some fatherly advice. It is something all males in the family are born with and must learn to use responsibly.

This concept is incorporated in the idea, ”Always leave them wanting more.” My father was not a horseman, but he had many of the skills and understanding that a lot of horsemen would benefit having. If my dad could win a woman as amazing as my mother, it’s a dramatic example of the frightening power of the Jacobs charm.

You might think that the concept of always leaving a horse wanting more is mostly about not over working them.

Not stressing our horses to the point of hating the work. It should be incorporated into nearly all aspects of interacting with a horse.

We need to consider how to reward, how long to reward for, when to stop rewarding and when to apply pressure for the next task. Some horses are particular how we touch them and where.

Some really appreciate a relief from pressure and some are oblivious to it.


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