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Although getting internet in Portugal is often a necessity, before you do so you might consider opening a bank account in Portugal first; without one, you may find some deals are set at higher fees.

This is similar to the UK where you pay more if you don't use direct debit.

As a result, you can sometimes find the latest internet devices on the market in Portugal before they arrive in UK shops.

If you live in a major city such as Lisbon or Porto, it’s easy to take out a high-speed broadband package, although fibre optic internet is still very much in the process of being rolled out, with the aim that around three million homes will be able to use fibre optic by the end of 2016.

You can access Wifi using Portugal's MEO Wi Fi internet service through hotspots dotted around major cities.

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It’s also possible to buy internet dongles on a prepaid or contract basis, which allow you to surf the web when out and about.

These can be fairly expensive, however, and are only as good as the signal in the area you’re attempting to use them.


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