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Sophomore dating a senior

Don't ask why, but some--especially some who might be considered competition--might not take too kindly to anyone younger having their eyes set on someone their age. You might discover that this cool, older guy or gal might seem more mature than they really are.

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College: OMG these guys are even more immature than high schoolers! I love staring at him in class, and I've seen him around at parties. It was that time when you could easily switch majors (I switched mine about three times,) and during your underclassmen days you could put your emotions on the line & give love a shot.Dating during underclassmen years proved to be a beautiful, exciting, and easy journey.But when you reach senior year of college, the relationships you start (or consider starting) require a lot more effort.Not to say that relationships during your early years of college don’t require effort (all relationships do,) but planning your life after college with someone else in mind can prove to be a challenge.You’ve figured out the quirks of your teachers, whether attendance is part of your grade, and you’ve also realized that you might need to switch your study group.All the essentials you need to have a successful semester have become apart of your routine, but if you happen to be in your senior year of college, then your routine might be a little more stressful.I can talk to him about anything, and we fall asleep texting like every night. But I kind of secretly wish he would just ask me to the homecoming dance! I can't wait to get to college and finally meet ~mature~ guys.Junior Year: I would be MORTIFIED if the hot senior I'm in love with found out that I totally joined Yearbook just so I had an excuse to spend time with him after school. There's this Starbucks barista I met the other day and he's super cute he's in college. As a senior in college anxious to finally graduate in summer with my B. in English, I’ve realized that it’s difficult trying to balance my grades, graduate school apps, job applications, and the possibility of starting a relationship.I recently was in a situation with someone that I considered embarking on a relationship with.


  1. May 20, 2016. DEAR ABBY I'm a senior girl in high school and have been dating a sophomore, even though he's less than a year younger than I am.

  2. Jan 29, 2015. Sophomore Year I know that I've been friends with my BGF since third. Junior Year I would be MORTIFIED if the hot senior I'm in love with.

  3. Oct 9, 2013. Here are 10 things you should know before flirting with that senior you have a crush on. You might be a little scared, but as long as you're.

  4. I'm almost 17, a junior in high school while i was a sophomore dating a freshman again doesn't mean it'll end the same way, right. Did you a senior dating a.

  5. Aug 26, 2015. Sophomore guys, who look like burly men compared to the boys you just left. This senior is the collegiate poster-child, at the peak of his.

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