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How will the role of young people in the digital economy change and what can be done now?What should employers look out for when hiring young people?Key issues:• Discussion of Mechanisms and Rules Regulating the Intellectual Property of Underaged Proprietors• Business Models Based on Intellectual Property for Scientific, Technical and IT Projects Recent years have seen the ways of organizing work and space that co-working centres have to offer gain increasing popularity in Russia.Co-working centres are characterized by their flexible organization of workspace and their aspirations to form a community of residents and an internal business culture.The role of young people in the economy of the future is becoming more and more significant.A lot of new products and corresponding intellectual property requiring registration and future commercialization are being created across a number of design schools.Concept development and implementation for Centre of Innovative Development of Moscow; 3.Development of the programme: Moscow – Innovative Capital of Russia 2012 – 2015; 4.

Platforms like these provide startups with an opportunity to reduce the costs associated with doing business during the most difficult phase – getting their business off the ground.The section for young entrepreneurs will feature project sessions for products being developed by residents of Russia’s youth innovation creativity centres.The purpose of the section is to design effective business plans and development strategies for innovative products from the centres’ residents.As of the 2015, the Youth Entrepreneurship Committee of OPORA Russia had held over 150 events, involving over 6000 people.2016: Chairman of the Federal Committee on Youth Entrepreneurship, which covers 17 regional ones.2016: represented Russia at the International Forum of Young European Entrepreneurs.2017: Artem Androsov’s team will host the Economy and Entrepreneurship Section at the 19th Festival of Youth and Students, attended by participants from 150 countries.Experts estimate that Russia will face a number of challenges within the next 5–10 years which will significantly change the requirements placed on human capital – the working population, along with its qualifications, skills and professions.Professional experience: Projects carried out while working for the Office of Tatarstan Republic with the President’s Office and for the Government of Moscow: 1.Development, raising investment and finding residents for IDEA Technopark, HSE Business incubator, Investment and venture fund RT, Zvorikyn Project, Strogino Technopark, Slava Technopark, Zelenograd Business Incubator, Moskovskaya Venturnaya Kompaniya JSC; 2.How can they build teams that are capable of working effectively in this new reality?Trends that are having the greatest impact on the business environment: The digitalization of the economy The digital economy has been recognized as a key economic development tool in Russia and worldwide.The concept at the heart of Young Enterprise Day is connections.The main task of partner organizations is to help young entrepreneurs find the right people and make useful contacts.


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  4. Young Enterprise Day Networking The concept at the heart of Young Enterprise Day is connections. The main task of partner organizations is to help young.

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