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Tapping into my spiritual guides excites me and I look forward to learning more about this wisdom as well as trusting the wisdom I receive." Toronto Workshop - Toronto, Canada - 4/2001 "The workshop was a wonderful description and reminder of a powerful and effective healing process for our wounded selves.It's a complete process that can be done by ourselves as a daily practice as well as being facilitated by another person." Rowe, MA, 4/04 I feel that this workshop was life-changing.I found that the material and your delivery were absolutely spot on!..by me moving into the intent to learn and practising the process, we have experienced a hugely positive shift in the way we relate to each other and our connection is rekindling more and more.My mother died when I was 3 years old and 7 years later my father died. Because ev erybody around me was very wounded I was provided with everything material but most of my emotional needs were unmet.I always felt a deep loneliness, so deep that I wasn't even aware of it. A couple of years later the book was still lingering in my head.It has made a world of difference in such a short time!So, I'm deeply grateful to have found you and your material.

Note to all readers: This professional directory can help you locate an Inner Bonding® facilitator or facilitator-in-training. neither endorses nor recommends the individuals listed on this website. cannot make assurances that the qualifications or services of any individual would be suitable for the needs of a particular individual.In 1995, after a crisis in a personal relationship, I realized that I was missing something out of life. I did therapy, went to seminars, read tons of books. I tried to contact Margaret through friends in the states but it was impossible.in January year 2000 during a short vacation in the USA I just called information service asked for Margaret Paul´s phone number.I have been a certified Inner Bonding facilitator since 2009, working 1:1 by phone and Skype, specializing in deep 1:1 work with clients from around the world who are thoughtful, creative, and sensitive, and who struggle with anxiety.That’s how I started doing inner work myself: trying to cope with anxiety in my career as a professional oboist.But the biggest change came when I discovered Inner Bonding. I found myself asking, “How can I bring this kind of joy and flow into the rest of my life? This can be incredibly frustrating, because you know very well how powerful Inner Bonding is!I finally realized I had been trying to control my playing—an impossible task. And you crave that wonderful feeling of peace, relief, and joy you get when you successfully complete the process. Your toughest issues are tough precisely because you haven’t yet figured out how to stay in your Loving Adult in the face of this level of pain.I wanted to move up in the orchestra world, but no matter what I tried—Alexander Technique, therapy, self-hypnosis, visualization—I’d get so nervous in auditions, I could barely breathe. When I committed to the regular practice of exercise, yoga, and Zen meditation, I began to see some improvement in the anxiety.I also completed over 500 hours of training in Nonviolent Communication, which greatly increased my compassion for myself and others and helped me see the key importance of self-responsibility. I saw firsthand how challenging it is to stay connected to your Loving Adult and to your spiritual guidance when your toughest issues are “up.” This may sound familiar to you: when you are really up against it, something prevents you from getting through the six steps on your own.With Inner Bonding, I learned how to let Spirit flow through me when I played. But I have good news: you’re not alone, and being confused or stuck in the process doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. When you hit your learning edge like this, you need personalized, compassionate support. I’ve experimented for years to bring you the best of both, including completing a second two-year certification in 2013 in Inner Relationship Focusing, which emphasizes radical acceptance and presence. This program taught me a whole new way of looking at myself and my feelings. Prior to working with her, I was an anxious and unhappy mess, and I did not understand why.One client who completed the six-month Inner Listening Intensive described it this way: I was suffering from anxiety and depression about my work, my relationship, my parenting. It was more than just a paradigm shift or a new perspective. I live in the present instead of always worrying about the past and the future. I did not know how to take responsibility for my own feelings and as a result felt completely out of control and out of touch with myself.


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