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People would see this, and they’d tell me to “just eat more.”Then they’d look at me like they’d just solved all of my problems, totally confident they’d given me the information I’d been missing all my life. But they rarely acknowledge that a fast metabolism is just one small aspect of physiology.

I’d feel stuffed, sick, and lethargic for hours afterwards.

They also argue that people with thick builds are good at conserving heat and hibernating, making endomorphs great for surviving harsh arctic winters.

If you look at populations who evolved in Northern climates, such as the Inuit, you’ll notice that they tend to be short and thick—perfect for the cold.

This means that ectomorphs excel at burning a ton of calories to stay lean, light and cool; whereas endomorphs excel at conserving calories to stay chubby, insulated and warm.

Our body types are different, with totally different strengths and weaknesses.


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