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Sidebar news feed not updating

After clicking the option and choose the types of updates you want to remain hidden (Life Events, Status Updates, Photos, etc.) or unfollow the person entirely.

To manage multiple subscription updates quickly, go to your own profile page, click the drop-down arrow under the activity log, and choose the button to access a drop-down menu and choose the types of updates you want to remain hidden or unfollow the person entirely.

If you really love Ticker, when you get the new design you can scroll to the very bottom of your left sidebar to check if you have it.

If you do, you can even turn it off with an option inside the ‘gear’ button.

This will enable and disable all news feed updates from that particular page.

After clicking the option, you will be given options to hide all stories from that particular person.Facebook offers users two options for sorting stories in the News Feed: Top Stories and Most Recent.Click the to see stories in the order they were originally posted.It doesn’t have the TMI over-sharing feel of Ticker, though, as it cuts out minor stories about status updates and photos your friends liked. Some show it as a tiny, one-story tall add-on to the bottom of the chat buddy list in the sidebar.Update: Facebook didn’t kill the Ticker entirely, as we originally said. Some viewport / screen resolution sizes have it, some don’t, and some people have it defaulted off, while some have it defaulted on.Those include Ticker’s replacement, the All Friends feed.It’s a quieter real-time feed of everything your friends share, which you can choose to view rather than be forced to have cluttering your home page.After clicking the Just like managing updates from friends, you can manage which updates appear in your News Feed from pages you like.To do this, hover over the profile picture of the page you like in the News Feed, then hover over the option.Tired of seeing every inane detail of yours friends lives pop up in that annoying Facebook sidebar ?Well apparently Facebook was too as the redesign announced yesterday eliminates Ticker for some, and banishes it to the bottom of the left Chat sidebar as a one-story tall blip for others.


  1. My Facebook news feed is not updating anymore. It's been about 24 hours since I last went on and i'm seeing the same posts from yesterday and several days.

  2. The Google Desktop Sidebar may no longer be supported, but it works just as it always did--except for the news gadget. With this completely adequate workaround, even that is not an issue.

  3. I had the same issue. I had an application for outlook that used net framework 1.0. I unistalled the application and the news feed did not update.

  4. My news feed isn't updating. I've just noticed today that my news feed just sits there and no new posts come up. No new posts from today at all. The newes.

  5. How to Adjust Your Facebook News Feed. This wikiHow teaches you how to change your News Feed preferences and hide items from your News Feed on both the Facebook mobile app and the desktop

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