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Show interracial dating in america uncovered

Family pressure is perhaps the most common type of stigma black & white couples face, followed closely by judgment from their neighbors and religious communities.Of course, having abuse hurled at you by total strangers is still a sad possibility, but thankfully a much rarer one these days.Despite “Loving,” which drew an Oscar nomination for Ms.Negga, and other recent films, the struggle to be seen onscreen is still real.

Take comfort in the solid foundation of your relationship - face up to any and all stigma together.

When you're still single, and your black & white dating story is still at a speculative stage, you're best served by keeping an open-mind.

But be wary of those who only see interracial dating as 'exotic', who fetishize being with someone of a different race, or are merely rebelling against their family - they're clearly in it for the wrong reasons.

Because anyone who's experienced black and white dating will know that the problems interracial couples face are seldom with each other.

"It sure is hard when everybody else starts getting involved" Bustle reporter Paige Tutt writes in her article on the subject.


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