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Julia manages the company and is the firm's guiding force, while Suzanne is mostly a financial backer who simply hangs around and annoys everyone under the guise of being the firm's salesperson.However, she does bring in new customers on a regular basis through breakfast, lunch and dinner appointments.She is very quick to speak her mind, sometimes without knowing all the facts involved.

That speech, which Julia ends by emphatically saying, "And that, Marjorie, just so you will know, and your children will someday know...the night...lights...out....Georgia! Dixie Carter, a registered Republican, disagreed with many of her character's left-of-center commentaries, and eventually made a deal with the producers that for every speech she gave, Julia would get to sing a song in a future episode.Julia is the president and owner of Sugarbaker and Associates Design Firm, located at her own Victorian house.Julia can best be described as a feminist who often espouses a liberal point of view.centers on twentysomething Kyle (Shively), who comes to Austin to finally convince his old best friend from camp, Kate (Osment), that they are perfect for each other. A lot of guys would give up; Kyle is not one of those guys.But to Kyle’s surprise, even though he came to town looking for “the one,” he might end up with much more than that.The comedy series Designing Women was a joint production of Bloodworth/Thomason Mozark Productions in association with Columbia Pictures Television for CBS.The series centers on the lives of four women and one man working together at an interior designing firm in Atlanta, Georgia called Sugarbaker & Associates.She is delighted when her longtime boyfriend Jimmy proposes to her, just after Kyle arrives in town.Benton will play Morgan, Kate’s roommate and best friend.Carter and Burke had both been members of the cast of the CBS sitcom Filthy Rich, which was written by Bloodworth-Thomason.Coincidentally, Potts and Smart guest-starred together in a 1985 episode of Lime Street, which was also created by Bloodworth-Thomason.


  1. Matthew James Shively, Jr. born September 15, 1990 is an American actor best known for his. Jump up to "Matt Shively." No date. Accessed 2009-08-07. Jump up ^ "Almanac Monday, September 15, 2014". Anniston Star.

  2. Sep 14, 2015. 16 Things Women Wish Men Would Do On Dates. 3. “Don't talk about your sex life — or lack thereof — on the first date.” — Lori Shively.

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