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At first I was a little cranky that I have been working too hard to be involved in the planting this year, but now I just feel spoiled.

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However, several months later, Sawant announced that the couple had separated due to irreconcilable differences.

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The most conspicuous subdivisions of the Ghats are, — in the south, the Brabmagiris or Marenad hills, which constitute a formidable natural barrier between Coorg and Wynad. Towards Fraserpet, the country assumes the champaign character of the Mysore plateau, with scattered solitary hills. Literature, 291 ; Huttari or Harvest Song, 293 ; Queen's Song, 295 ; Proverbs, 396. Near Mercara, the hills are closer together and more ab- rupt, and the ravines deeper and more wild.Last night I picked succulent fresh mustard greens and tender young garlic, sauteed them up with little chunks of chorizo and tossed it all with some brown rice pasta.Dinner happens in an instant when it comes from your backyard.Nobody builds a brand like Andy Spade Exceptional writing and photography here Take up birding The ideal summer read - fast, furious and fantastic (learn more about the writer here)This short series from director Jane Campion, starring Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men's Peggy Siegel), is great fun Well, that was a perfect way to ease into a long weekend.You blow like a southerly on the outer crunchy coating in an attempt to cool the piping hot wing. 297 311 Architectural Remains \— Ancient Sepulchres, 297 ; Kolle-kallu, 298; Kadangas, 300; Forts, 301; Palaces, 302 ; Mausoleums, S04. Trade and Commerce, 306; Exports, 307; Imports, 308; Fairs, 309, Wagts and Prices ; —Wages 309; Prices, 311. Existing System : — Civil Departments ; Bevenue and Finance, 361; State Revenue, 361; Land Revenue, 363 ; Jamma tenure, 363; Sagu tenure, 366; Umbali tenure, 358 ; Jodi tenure, 368; Ghee tax, 368 ; House tax, 369 ; Dhuli paddy tax, 369; Waste Land Rules, 371; Coffee, 375; Survey, 379 ; Cardamoms, 379 ; Forests, 380; Abkari, 383; Sayar, 384; Mohatarfa, 384; Stamp? The want of permanent sheets of water, such as extensive tanks or prominent rivers, may be considered as somewhat detracting from the perfection of the landscape, but during a heavy mist in November, or in the monsoon, fancy may easily transform the whole country into innumerable islands emerging from a vast agitated sea. P«ge- At the time of Annexation:— Land Tenures, 328; Dhuli batta, 342 ; House tax, 343 ; Ghee tat, 343 ; Accounts, 344 ; Jama bandi, 345; Patels346; Panniyas, 347; Slaves, 347 British Administration. Early System:— Revenue, S51 ; Civil Justice, 353; Criminal Jus- tice, 357 ; Police, 359. ••• (1—5) II.— The Ikkeri, Keladi, or Bedum- dynasty. Only here and there in nooks and corners, ensconced amongst groves or clusters of cultivated trees, and betrayed by a wreath of smoke, can one discover the thatched houses ofthe Coorgs, who love a secluded abode near their fields. 279—296 Kodag U, 279; its Relationship, 279 ; Grammar, 279 ; Orthography, 279 ; Etymology; 281 ; Syntax, 290. GAZETTEER of principal places, rivers, mountains, &c. In the vicinity of Somavarpet, in the north of Coorg, the hills are gently rounded, alternating with sloping glades, inter- spersed with clumps of forest trees, resembling the finest park scenery in Europe. , 384; Post Office, 385 ; Telegraph, 385 ; Local Funds, 385 ; Municipal Funds, 385 ; State Expenditure, 386.— Law and Justice, :— Legislation, 387; Courts, 388; Civil Justice, 391 ; Registration, 392; Criminal Justice, 393; Prisons, 394; Police, 396.— Public Works, 397.— Public Instruction, 401.— Medical, 408; Vaccination, 409 .—Military, 409. The general appearance of the country varies considerably in the different districts.


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