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Mr Bauby, who had two chil- dren, was able to signal his ela- tion at the critical success of the first book to explain the Inner sensations of bring totally para- 1 Jysed. It is a strange thing that life, and particularly human life, is devalued, not so much by its wanton destruc- tion, though that is bad enough, as by its artificial creation; its being manufactured in a situation grot- esquely out of keeping with that in which organic beings have emerged on this planet.It appear^ d^itiqed tobe- come-a minor Classic, both for the quality, of the wiping and the unique Insight Into a rare' con- dition. The Gdncourt prizewinner, Eric Oraenna, saidif T saliite the Work ‘more than the courage needed to write ft. December 1995, he had coind- Israel ponders Its Vietnam . Notliing could devalue life more than the fact that it can be stamped out to order, like a series of ball- bearings in a car factory.We reserve the right to ticket passengers upon receipt of full land and air deposit.One highlight of this Ecuador tour is the time you'll spend in Ecuador's Amazon.

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The prospect of tile crisis being solved without Mr Berisha's resig- nation looked increasingly dim this week. I Robert Armstrong at Twickenham E NGLAND’S coach Jack Row- ell will hardly have lost much sleep over the firet Twicken- ham win in 10 yeare by a France side who ultimately outplayed the home team with their own brand of interactive rugby. mm r R ugby Uni on Five Nations Championship: England 20 France 23 England run out ofsteamfor final push Rnhort Armnt.Before half-time Phil de Gian vi He’s men played some of the moat sublime rugby seen at Twick- enham.but they simply had no an- swer to a French renaissance that overhauled England's 20-6 lead and produced 17 unanswered points.1 _• i Just before releasing Tne_ • pj ytng Suit And The Butterfly, • 1 Mr BAuhy, aged 44, tob taken 1 from his hospital at Berck-stir- Mer, northern France^ to an- other at Garches; He died of respiratoryfailure- ■ ' # But friends said he wds fully aware ofthd sticce SB of his extra- ordinary account of Lbcked-m Syndrome, a condition brought on by a stroke in December 1095.Except for the left eyelid, a Bhte muscles had ceased to function.Certainly France should be tun strong for Scotland when they al- Scotland 38 Ireland 10 Q UARCil AN WEEKLY March 9 1997 - n n,pl , lu Uuv des Princes on M^v^r 81 inarknbjy the loss l U 1 5 ' ^ Abdel Rpnazzi wilh a rih ^ Cap! hvc phases with a cold substitutes Caste] and tfa E' ^ .. where the army and regular police withdrew, leaving a hard core of President Soli Berisha’s Sliik secret police to hold the town.The rebels were also reported to have captured one of the country's two air bases, at Kucnve.Still, we have to take all things in our stride and put them right.” Ironically, England had been criti- cised beforehand for not having Cryptic c rossword by Araucaria il 15 T* lo‘ — T~ — n — i .i moved into top gear until the final quarter of their victories over the . This time such key players as Rodber, de Glanville, Johnson and Stimpson shot out of the starling gate like thoroughbreds, only to fade into anonymity because they won no ball to play with. France’s coaches, must take credit for the relentless determi- nation of their backs and forwards to I I 3 Pull more than one's weight In Roses battle (6) 4.13 Clean high bounce wanted If possible — Impossible!


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