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Be sure to the check out the perhaps-NSFW video from the paper’s supplementary information: Cunnilingus Apparently Increases Duration of Copulation in the Indian Flying Fox, Pteropus giganteus.

Many techniques have been described for removal and various theories have been put forward to explain the mechanics of the procedure. Read More This isn’t the first time we’ve highlighted a report of a bat species that engages in oral sex.

Here, we test the performance of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) on an object choice task that provides them with visual-only cues given by humans about the location of hidden food. Look, the point is that these scientists figured out how to make turtles do what they want simply by attaching a movable blinder to the turtle’s shell.

Read More “Removal of a rectal foreign body (FB) has become increasingly common in the recent times. This apparatus allows the scientists to control the turtles’ movements by activating their instinct to avoid obstacles (see it in action in the movie clip below). Remote Guidance of Untrained Turtles by Controlling Voluntary Instinct Behavior “Recently, several studies have been carried out on the direct control of behavior in insects and other lower animals in order to apply these behaviors to the performance of specialized tasks in an attempt to find more efficient means of carrying out these tasks than artificial intelligence agents.

“This study identified and explored the sensory characteristics that drive consumer liking of butter.

A trained descriptive panel evaluated 27 commercial butters using a defined sensory language.


  1. Jul 9, 2014. You might have heard by now that people can be finicky when it comes to sexting. Ladies don't actually love dick pics, for example, and.

  2. Prize Turing Test, is the world's best conversational chatbot. As featured in the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Guardian, Wired, and more. Bot by Steve Worswick.

  3. Jul 8, 2014. Sext Adventure is a guided sexting narrative with a robot that refuses to pay attention to gender boundaries or your personal desires.

  4. Jul 16, 2014. I've been in many awkward situations, but sexting 5 feet from a coworker is what I'd call a landmark. I type out a tame message — "take me to.

  5. Mar 20, 2015. To be filed in the ever-growing folder of the technologically bizarre Sexting with a robot. A well-named new game, Sext Machine, invites the.

  6. Jan 3, 2015. Like an actual sexting conversation, it integrates itself into your day, so long as you hide any passersby from seeing its NSFW content.

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