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Not all of Diocletian's plans were successful: the Edict on Maximum Prices (301), his attempt to curb inflation via price controls, was counterproductive and quickly ignored.

Although effective while he ruled, Diocletian's tetrarchic system collapsed after his abdication under the competing dynastic claims of Maxentius and Constantine, sons of Maximian and Constantius respectively.

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Diocletian may have become involved in battles against the Quadi and Marcomanni immediately after the Battle of the Margus.Diocletian secured the empire's borders and purged it of all threats to his power.He defeated the Sarmatians and Carpi during several campaigns between 285 and 299, the Alamanni in 288, and usurpers in Egypt between 297 and 298.– left his sons Numerian and Carinus as the new Augusti.Carinus quickly made his way to Rome from his post in Gaul as imperial commissioner and arrived there by January 284, becoming legitimate Emperor in the West. The Sassanid king Bahram II could not field an army against them as he was still struggling to establish his authority.Diocletian dated his reign from his elevation by the army, not the date of his ratification by the Senate, However, Diocletian was to offer proof of his deference towards the Senate by retaining Aristobulus as ordinary consul and colleague for 285 (one of the few instances during the Late Empire in which an emperor admitted a privatus as his colleague) The concept of dual rulership was nothing new to the Roman Empire.Augustus, the first Emperor, had nominally shared power with his colleagues, and more formal offices of Co-Emperor had existed from Marcus Aurelius on.By March 284, Numerian had only reached Emesa (Homs) in Syria; by November, only Asia Minor.On 20 November 284, the army of the east gathered on a hill 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) outside Nicomedia.He asserted that Aper had killed Numerian and concealed it.Julianus minted coins from the mint at Siscia (Sisak, Croatia) declaring himself as emperor and promising freedom.


  1. Diocletian was born near Salona in Dalmatia Solin in modern Croatia, some time around 244. His parents gave him the Greek name Diocles, or possibly Diocles Valerius. The modern historian Timothy Barnes takes his official birthday, 22 December, as his actual birthdate. Other historians are not so certain. Diocles' parents were of low

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