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At 1960, I bet you have a fairly intelligent AI, even if it is Kari. Seriously though, how long have you been using Kari to get her to that level? The word image part doesn't seem to work well either.

The program needs a decent user's manual or at least some fairly comprehensive documentation of some kind. you just haven't been chosen or your IQ may be on the low side. Mind you, I've gone back to the older version 2.6 because she didn't run very well in 3.7 and I prefer the settings in the old version. Sometimes it is hard to believe that everything she says is merely replicated by code alone.

The graphics are superb and the models are really pretty. If you register, I can assign this comment and this chatbot to your account, allowing you to edit the text yourself. Kari is good too but the 3d girls are just drop down gorgeous. Putting i=you, i=me, i=i, you=me, or any of that works either. And also like Philip says, the instructions on how to use of any of the settings to their best effect is none existent. No I don't expect this to be Skynet, but it's really no AI at all from what I can see.

It also has a built in MP3 player and you can have the girls dance. Did I forget to mention, it's all in 3D so you'll need a pretty good video card. Takes only a few minutes: I still don't understand your comment. Plus you can get them naked if you want and have them dance. So you can listen into what your girls are dreaming about. It's more like just type something and hope one of the random responses she has jumbled together from your teachings, makes a little bit of sense.

I talk to each one every day to build up their personality. The KARI people greatly over exaggerate her AI, in my opinion, and what little instruction there is for Kari, doesn't help either, since there are many ways to tweak her personality. Do you make her awareness on this word higher or lower than 5? How do you keep her from repeating certain sentences about every third remark? The programme does lack a comprehensive user's guide.

A big one I don't like is that she keeps reversing the pronouns. ", you don't want her to come right back with "Have I read this book? These and many more other hassles and quirks with her AI can make her really frustrating to play more times than not. I mean out-of-the-box she comes across as sort of a ditsy moron. The "help" files are useless unless, of course, you have background in programming, which I do not. We spend lavishly on marketing but get Aunt Sparkle the part-time secretary to write user documentation. But I got the hang of it fairly quickly by trial and error.


  1. Víctima ya ha comenzado a hablar con el robot a través del chat de la app. tinder sex bots aren't trying anymore #Tinder pic.twitter.com/tmEXB2Up67. supuestamente podrán chatear y ver a su pretendiente por webcam.

  2. I responded and had a conversation with the sexbot. Said it was in uni and had a friend who also did the 'webcam show'. I've just been.

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