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Sex master bot free chat

When resting, they tend to stay a deep periwinkle, but they seemed to change with her mood.In human form she could be seen as small, five foot five, thin and built. Two more forms brought on the wolf, not that anyone has ever seen them.

Name:justin henion Race:human Age:23Gender:male Sexuality:? Preferred Collars: N/APreferred Charms: N/APersonality:very calm and quiet, keeps to himself in public, enjoys sampling new things and indulging in those he enjoys.

Bio: Both parents are dead and she has had to basically raise herself.

Her closest friend, maybe more, is Aang, her slave.

Appearance:stands six feet tall, skin lightly tanned, hair and eyes both a very dark blackish brown; hair being somewhat shaggy just above his eyebrows and over his ears but kempt.

Is built very well, not slim nor brickish, simply an average shape with good definition.


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