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The IVF success rate can be calculated on the number of live births, but the figures depend highly on the patient’s age: ● 35 or younger – 43% to 50% ● 35 to 40 – 35% to 40% ● 40 or older – 15 to 18% Bahçeci IVF Center is one of the world leading fertility and women's health group.

Since 1996, the centre has witnessed 40,000 successful births with a higher success rate than the EU.

One of the biggest risks of an IVF pregnancy is the probability of multiple births: 63% of IVF babies are single children, 5% are triplets or more and 32% are IVF twins.

IVF side effects generally vary from person to person and also depend on the intake of stimulatory drugs.

The hospital is accredited by ISO and Joint Commission International.

Learn More Medicana Camlıca Hospital was founded in 1999.

Patients or couples can use an IVF calculator to estimate their IVF success rate and an IVF pregnancy calculator to find out their due date.In Vitro Fertilization is generally not recommended for patients over 40 years of age or patients with uterine abnormalities which can interfere with the IVF process.Dealing with infertility issues can be emotionally draining for any couple.A full IVF process is also called an IVF cycle – this includes all the necessary steps to reach a successful pregnancy.The first step of an IVF treatment is interviewing the couple or patient and discussing past pregnancies, potential anterior IVF attempts, potential infertility issues or infections of the reproductive system and other details related to the in vitro fertilisation procedure itself.The second step of the procedure is providing the patient with “IVF injections” which help to stimulate the development of eggs.The injections usually start on the second or third day of the patient’s menstrual cycle and are crucial in stimulating the ovarian follicles that produce the eggs.In the final stage of the procedure, the fertilized egg is transferred back into the uterus and once it attaches to the lining of the uterus, IVF pregnancy can begin.If the male partner suffers from infertility issues, the IVF ICSI technique can be used to ensure fertilization of the egg.The hospital has 150-bed capacity and it gives services in special branches, such as cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, paediatric cardiology and paediatric cardiovascular surgery, haemodialysis, IVF (in vitro fertilization and more).Learn More Florence Nightingale Istanbul is at the forefront of Turkish medical services.


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  4. Bahçeci IVF Centers - Istanbul, Turkey. Acibadem Maslak Hospital - Istanbul, Turkey. Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital - Istanbul, Turkey. Roman and Greek ruins of the baths, temples and theatres dating to the second century BC. Genetic Diagnosis or PGD is a safe and reliable way to choose the sex of a baby.

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