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— Miscellany: Greek justice; Dreaming of a white campus; The net worth gap; "Jingle Bells" is racist!

; The Bananapocalypse — Signoff: The most American "Jingle Bells"Intro — Demographic conservatism — National Question nullity wins Alabama — The singer-song gap — Pervnado gets Soviet — Nephew of a lottery winner — Black privilege all over — Miscellany: The Moon's a balloon; A planet far away; Intro — Acuckalypse Not Now: DACA deal postponed — Two cheers for Jerusalem — Importing an overclass (1): Jews then, Asians now — Importing an overclass (2): The case against merit-based immigration — Theresa May is a fool and a coward — Old Left, New Left — Africa coming to Europe — Miscellany: Another royal marriage; RIP Christine Keeler; RIP Michael of Romania — Signoff: Another Derbyshire Intro — The Steinle verdict — Our politicized courts — The whip hand — Harvard, justice, and reality — The voice of the Hutu — Miscellany: The Australia deal; China's number two priority; Perv-nay-do, Perv-nah-do; Celebrating Swift; Larkin's gem — Signoff: RIP Dmitri Hvorostovsky Intro — Two weeks to the Big Cuck?

Wax — Miscellany: A different Hogg; Hawking for the Abbey; Those darn stereotypes!

; Antiwhite sociobabble of the month; Headless chicken — Signoff: A classic of Edwardian sentimentality Intro — Norks act nice — Russia regresses — Jeff deploys the ascending impulsive — How long shall we put up with Antifa?

————————— Listed below are links to all sound files and transcripts I have been able to recover.

into the shelters; Meritocracy is a tool of whiteness; Intro — Temporary Protected Status, for ever — Drowning in sewage — Trump confers with the Swamp — Say not the struggle naught availeth!

I am sometimes rude about public figures, though only when they deserve it. There is no bad language, nothing that would bring a blush to a maiden's cheek, and nothing that a person of properly conservative temperament would find offensive … The show is assembled and produced at VDARE.com's sound studio on Long Island.

Should you feel that there are technical shortcomings in the production quality, please don't hesitate to contact the magazine with your suggestions.

— Negrolatry in Britain: the weird case of Stephen Lawrence — A tale of two cuties — Signoff Intro — Patriot's Day: I have issues — Enoch Powell's speech, fifty years on — The banality of Comey — Black privilege, white hypocrisy — Miscellany: Opportunity cost; Richard Lynn dishonored; Department of Homeland Cuckery; Taking Nelson off his column; What the Outer Hebrides needs is …; Venus for Mars; Names for Charon — Signoff: Only a hopeless fancy Intro — Atrocity theater, again — Meddlers, drawn to scale — Imperial insanity — The Internet breeds monopolies — IWSBs and black power — Miscellany: Upright Party members only!

; Hungary stays nationalist; Powell's speech remembered; A meta-stereotype — Signoff: Happy birthday, Tom open borders; and in outhouse countries, they know — The caravan moves on — People Without Scruples — The shape of things to come — Miscellany: Some more Hoggs; A great lady hit by corporate cowardice; Standing up for Kevin; Anarcho-tyranny in the United Cuckdom — Signoff: With a patriotic hymn — Number Three Fatty meets President Eleven — Meritocracy, diversity: Pick one — A stone-kicker classic from Prof.


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