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Poverty and persecution made the Scots/Irish sharply aware that they were separate and second class citizens.In the 1680's, a radical and dedicated Presbyterian sect labeled the Covenanters declared War on the English King.The average Scottish Emigrant had discovered that he needed neither the Priest nor the King to think for him.

The Calvinists advocated the grimmer aspects of all things focusing on death and they actively persecuted those whom they considered to be witches.James I even then considered the native Irish a barbarous and un-subdued people.[Another reason of the English for displacing some of the Scots, and encouraging others to move on their own, was the intention for the Scots to help in the pacification of the Irish.Two women were made martyrs in Scotland when they were tied to posts in the tide-lands and left to drown in high tide - all because they refused to reject the principles of the Catholic Church.Whole prisons were built to house the Covenanters who were arrested.In answer to the incursion of the Protestant Scots, the Irish in the 17th century, banned Presbyterian services and outlawed their ministers.Thereafter, Presbyterian services were held when and where they could (many times in the woods with guards posted to ensure safety).They included grass men of Lanarkshire and skilled grain growers from Wigton.Cattle were virtually the only wealth of the Scots.They were the best frontier fighters in Britain, if not in Europe.The Scottish people who found themselves in Ireland had gone through a transforming experience - that of the Scottish Reformation, which was a complete and total break with the Catholic Church.


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