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Newly arrived asylum seekers and migrants affect annual fluctuations the most, along with the counties’ variable admissions policies.

To a large degree, HIV infection in Norway occurs in specific risk environments with unprotected sex and many partners, according to NIPH.

Eight out of ten said they were infected by a casual partner.“This indicates that the infection pressure among this group has decreased within Norway,” Øyvind Nilsen, senior adviser at NIPH, said in a statement.

Although almost half of the new HIV-positive cases among men who have sex with men have a migrant background, the number of annual new HIV cases in this group has declined in recent years, compared to the peak in 2009.

Two children were infected by their mother, and no one was infected by blood products last year.

Only eight individuals were infected through injection drug use.

At the same time, the number of reported heterosexual cases dropped by 18 compared with 2015.This increase occurred among men who had sex with men outside Norway, usually in Europe.Most were about 33 years old when they were diagnosed.More than half of new HIV cases in Norway last year resulted from heterosexual contact, according to a newly published report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH).Overall, 220 Norwegian men and women were diagnosed with HIV in 2016, only one less case than in the previous year.Many Norwegian men who are infected had unprotected sex abroad.Infection in Thailand alone represents half of all heterosexual HIV transmission among Norwegian men.Getting an early start with HIV treatment and offering preventive HIV medications can help reduce susceptibility to infection in these environments.Consistent condom use in high-risk situations is the most important preventive measure.Beautiful Norway with its mountains, fjords and fresh air, is a country that follows western trends and has a high standard of living.The country is almost unique in that the women generally are better educated than the men, and attain excellent job prospects when they graduate from University.


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