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Replacement pages will be supplied with detailed instructions for utilizing them so as again to make the code complete and up to date. Sams, the MTAS Word Processing Specialist who did all the typing on this project, and Tracy Gardner, Administrative Services Assistant, is gratefully acknowledged. (2) .00 of each litigation tax collected on criminal cases shall go to the City of Decherd General Fund to aid in the operation and maintenance of the city.

Steve Lobertini Codification Specialist iv Change 5, August 9, 2004 The Decherd City Charter contains no provisions prescribing ordinance adoption procedures. All expenditures made by the city from said funds shall be with the approval of the city council. 1991) 5-6 Change 3, June 28, 1999 CHAPTER 5 SECTION 5-501.

1994) of record in the office of the recorder for these provisions. An employee shall not make public, directly or indirectly, the identity of a victim or suspected victim of a communicable disease. (4) The police department's response will be determined by the severity of the emergency in the requesting department's jurisdiction as determined by the chief of police, or officer in charge and the senior officer in charge requesting the assistance. It shall be unlawful for any person to park motor vehicles on, or otherwise obstruct, any fire lane. Wholesalers collecting and remitting the above inspection fee shall be entitled to reimbursement for this collection service, a sum equal to five percent (5%) of the total amount of inspection fees collected and remitted, such reimbursement to be deducted and shown on the monthly report. It shall likewise be unlawful for him not to comply with any and all express restrictions or conditions which may be written into his permit by the beer board. No permit authorizing the sale of beer will be issued when such business would cause congestion of traffic or would interfere with churches or other places of public gathering as determined by the Decherd Beer Board and, would otherwise interfere with the public health, safety, and morals except at public 8-14 Change 2, January 13, 1997 eating places. (3) Make or allow any sale of beer between the hours of midnight and 7 A. during any day of the week, or any time before o'clock noon on Sunday. An application for a renewal shall be made substantially in the same form as an original application. The sales and markets noted here are the yard sales, garage sales, roadside stands, farmers markets, flea markets, and swap meets etc.

Likewise, ordinances that have been passed since the last update of the code do not appear here. (6) Reports from committees, members of the city council and other officers. Charter and state law references A municipality has the option of collecting delinquent property taxes any one of three ways: (1) Under the provisions of its charter for the collection of delinquent property taxes. Except as otherwise specifically provided in this code, there is hereby levied on all vocations, occupations, and businesses declared by the general laws of the state to be privileges taxable by municipalities, an annual privilege tax in the maximum amount allowed by state laws. No person shall exercise any such privilege within the City of Decherd without a currently effective privilege license, which shall be issued by the mayor to each applicant therefor upon such applicant's compliance with all regulatory provisions in this code and payment of the appropriate privilege tax. (3) No retailer shall sell any alcoholic beverages to any person who is drunk, nor shall any retailer selling alcoholic beverages sell to any person accompanied by a person who is drunk. (7) No retailer as herein defined shall own, store or possess upon the licensed premises any unstamped merchandise required by the Laws of Tennessee to have affixed thereto revenue stamps of said state. Whenever any person, persons, firm or corporation licensed hereunder fails to account for or pay over to the city recorder any license fee or inspection fee, or defaults in any of the conditions of his bond, the city recorder shall report the same to the city attorney and he shall immediately institute the necessary action for the recovery of any such license or inspection fee.

(5) The city judge shall take the oath of office prescribed in 9 of the city charter, and shall be bonded in an amount to be fixed by the city council. The city judge shall have the authority to try persons charged with the violation of municipal ordinances, and to punish persons convicted of such violations by levying a civil penalty not to exceed 0. The docket shall include for each defendant such information as his name; warrant and/or summons numbers; alleged offense; disposition; fines, penalties, and costs imposed and whether collected; whether committed to workhouse; and all other information that may be relevant. When a complaint of an alleged ordinance violation is made to the city judge, the judge may in his discretion, in lieu of issuing an arrest warrant, issue a summons ordering the alleged offender to personally appear before the city court at a time specified therein to answer to the charges against him. All fines, fees, penalties and court costs shall be imposed and recorded by the city judge on the city court docket in open court. A minute entry must be made granting special conditions by the city council prior to each case. Permanent employees not required to work on a holiday will be paid regular pay for that holiday. This day may be taken anytime during the year after completing one year's employment subject to the department head's prior approval. Military leave herein provided shall be unaffected by date of employment or length of service and shall have no effect on other leaves provided by law, regulation, policy or practice.. During all phases of follow-up, it is vital that worker confidentiality be protected. Since these types of treatment are considered necessary, and must be administered by physician or licensed medical personnel, such injuries cannot be considered minor and must be reported. (2) Any officer who refuses to take proper action in regard to victims of a communicable disease, when appropriate protective equipment is available, shall the subject to disciplinary measures along with civil and, or criminal prosecution. Pursuant to the requirement of , 6-54-502, one (1) copy of the fire prevention code has been filed with the city recorder and is available for public use and inspection. (1) The district referred to in 1901.4.2 of the fire prevention code, in which storage of explosives and blasting agents is prohibited, is hereby declared to be the fire district as set out in 7-101 of this code. (3) One engine with 5 or 6 men if possible may respond to the fire. The agent of the licensee or licensees shall conform to all the requirements of a licensee. (10) At the time of filing the application, a fee of five dollars (.00) shall be paid to the city to cover the cost of investigating the facts stated therein. The chief shall report his findings to the city recorder within seventy-two (72) hours. (2) The grantee of any franchise hereunder shall offer cable television service to all potential residential subscribers located within one hundred fifty (150) feet of grantees feeder cable where there exists a minimum density of thirty-five (35) dwelling units per mile. Unless otherwise authorized by the city council, all areas meeting the requirements of section 12(2) subsequent to the effective date of a franchise granted pursuant to this chapter shall be offered cable television service within twelve (12) months of the effective date of the annexation. Any poles, wires, cable or other facilities to be constructed or installed by grantee on or within the streets shall be constructed or installed only at such locations and depths and in such a manner as to comply with all state statutes and rules and regulations of the State of Tennessee, the city, and any other agency of competent jurisdiction. The cable television system shall have a capacity of at least 300 m Hz bandwidth and 9-19 Change 1, April 10, 1994 shall be constructed and operated in a manner as set forth in this chapter. In public rights-of-way, 9-20 Change 1, April 10, 1994 where necessary, the locations shall be verified by excavation. (3) The grantee shall render efficient service, make repairs promptly and interrupt service only for good cause and for the shortest time possible.

Imposition of fines, fees, penalties and court costs. (4) Vacancies in the office shall be filled for the unexpired term by the city council. The city judge shall keep a complete docket of all matters coming before him in his judicial capacity. If more time is needed the employee must send a request in writing, or address the city council in person to make this request. (2) Employee's personal business that cannot be taken care of on their days off. Employees required to work on a holiday will be paid for their hours worked plus eight (8) hours of holiday pay, or straight pay with the option to take a day off with pay within thirty (30) days of that holiday. All permanent employees will be given their anniversary day of employment off with pay. He or she shall be entitled to leave of absence from their respective duties, without loss of time, pay, regular leave or vacation, impairment of efficiency rating or any other rights or benefits to which otherwise entitled. These include refraining from blood donations and using appropriate protection during 4-19 sexual intercourse. 4-20 gamma globulin, hepatitis B immune globulin, hepatitis B vaccine, etc...) shall be recorded. Likewise, the use of prescription medication (beyond a single dose for minor injury or discomfort) is consideredmedical treatment. Employees are expected to cooperate fully with the compliance officers. This holds true with any potential risks of contacting a communicable disease as surely as it does with the risks of confronting an armed criminal. is hereby adopted by reference, and the law of the city, and included as a part of this code. (2) All firemen will report to the firehall designated by the fire chief for outside fire calls. Such permit shall not be transferrable and must be surrendered, to the city recorder, within seven (7) days from the date the holder thereof ceases to work for the employer, and it shall be the duty of the employer to notify the city recorder within seven (7) days of the termination of employment for which such permit was issued. In such instances the license shall continue to be carried and renewed in the name of the owner or owners. (9) The last three (3) cities or towns, if that many, where applicant carried on business immediately preceding the date of application and, in the case of transient merchants, the addresses from which such business was conducted in those municipalities. (1) Each application shall be referred to the chief of police for investigation. Subject to the provisions of paragraph (2) of this section, the grantee shall offer cable television service to all potential residential subscribers within any area described in any annexation ordinance passed after the passage of this chapter, within one (1) year of the effective date of the said annexation ordinance. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, no poles except replacements for existing poles shall be erected by or for the grantee, in any street, except when necessary to service a subscriber. The cable television system shall be constructed and operated in a manner as set forth in this chapter. (6) The city does not guarantee the accuracy of any maps showing the horizontal or vertical location of existing substructures. (2) The grantee shall put, keep and maintain all parts of the system in good condition throughout the entire franchise term.

The second digit identifies the chapter number, and the last two digits identify the section number. (5) The travel expense reimbursement form will be used to document all expense claims. The city adopts and incorporates by reference--as if fully set out herein--the administrative procedures submitted by MTAS to, and approved by letter by, the Comptroller of the Treasury, State of Tennessee, in June 1993. (9) To the fullest extent, consistent with the nature of the establishment, full, free and unobstructed vision shall be afforded from the street and public highway to the interior of the place of sale or dispensing of alcoholic beverages there sold or dispensed. 300 (12) Zoological institution ........................................... 300 (13) Museum ..............................................................300 (14) Establishment in a terminal building of a commercial air carrier airport ....................... A "going out of business" sale, for the purposes of this section, shall be a "fire sale," "bankrupt sale," "loss of lease sale," or any other sale made in anticipation of the termination of a business at its present location. Any driver or owner of a taxicab operating in Decherd, Tennessee, upon conviction for selling or transporting whiskey, shall have his license to operate a taxicab in Decherd revoked.

For example, title 2, chapter 1, section 6, is designated as section 2-106. All ordinances must be introduced in written form and approved by the city council on three (3) different days before becoming effective in accordance with their terms. (6) To qualify for reimbursement, travel expenses must be: 4-23 (a) directly related to the conduct of the city business for which travel was authorized, and (b) actual, reasonable, and necessary under the circumstances. Authorized travelers shall be reimbursed according to the federal travel regulation rates. A copy of the administrative procedures is on file in the office of the city recorder. The following shall be additional regulations to the 1983 Purchasing Law for the City of Decherd. (10) The sale of and delivery of alcoholic beverages shall be confined to the premises of the licensee, and curb service is not permitted. (1) It shall be unlawful for any representative, employee, or agent of any distiller, rectifier or manufacturer, to solicit business from anyone in this state except those holding a wholesaler's license to do business in this state. 1,000 (15) Commercial airline travel club ...............................500 (16) Public aquarium ....................................................300 (as added by Ord. When any person, after advertising a "going out of business" sale, adds to his stock or fails to go out of business within ninety (90) days he shall prima facie be deemed to have violated this section. Furthermore, no license to operate a taxicab in Decherd, Tennessee, shall be issued to an applicant who has been convicted of transporting or selling whiskey within five years from the date of his application.


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