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But in 1995, ratings dipped and Leno's show consistently beat Letterman's in the ratings from the time that Hugh Grant came on Leno's show after Grant's arrest for soliciting a prostitute; Leno typically attracted about five million nightly viewers between 19.The Late Show lost nearly half its audience during its competition with Leno, attracting 7.1 million viewers nightly in its 1993–94 season and about 3.8 million per night as of Leno's departure in 2009.

The David Letterman Show (host, 1980)Late Night with David Letterman (host, 1982–93)Late Show with David Letterman (host, 1993–2015)My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman (host, 2018–) David Michael Letterman (born April 12, 1947) is an American television host, comedian, writer, and producer.In 1992, Johnny Carson retired, and many fans believed that Letterman would become host of The Tonight Show.When NBC instead gave the job to Jay Leno, Letterman departed NBC to host his own late-night show on CBS, opposite The Tonight Show at p.m., called the Late Show with David Letterman.He is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, and he graduated in 1969 from what was then the Department of Radio and Television.A self-described average student, Letterman later endowed a scholarship for what he called "C students" at Ball State.Several late-night hosts have cited Letterman's influence, including Conan O'Brien (his successor on Late Night), Stephen Colbert (his successor on The Late Show), Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers.In 2000, he told an interviewer for Esquire that, while growing up, he admired his father's ability to tell jokes and be the life of the party.Recognizing the more formal mood (and wider audience) of his new time slot and studio, Letterman eschewed his trademark blazer with khaki pants and white wrestling shoes wardrobe combination in favor of expensive shoes, tailored suits and light-colored socks. Paul Shaffer and the World's Most Dangerous Band followed Letterman to CBS, but they added a brass section and were rebranded the CBS Orchestra (Shaffer's request); a small band had been mandated by Carson while Letterman occupied the slot.Additionally, because of intellectual property disagreements, Letterman was unable to import many of his Late Night segments verbatim, but he sidestepped this problem by simply renaming them (the "Top Ten List" became the "Late Show Top Ten", "Viewer Mail" became the "CBS Mailbag", etc.) Time magazine stated that "Letterman's innovation ...Harry Joseph Letterman survived a heart attack at age 36, when David was a young boy.The fear of losing his father was constantly with Letterman as he grew up.


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