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Abstract The study of teen and youth dating violent relationships (Dating Violence, DV) is a field of special interest, not only because of its prevalence, but also because it constitutes the beginning of the learning of the dynamics of relationships, in which the possibility of establishing habits for later relationships begins. Do partners agree about the occurrence of intimate partner violence?

One of the challenges in this field is related to the identification of risk and protection factors that must provide a solid basis for the development of prevention programs.

La muestra está compuesta por 447 mujeres (rango de edad = 15-26 años; = 2.36). Effects of social desirability on student’s self-reporting of partner abuse perpetration and victimization. https://doi.org/10.1891/088667007780477348 Capaldi, D.

Fueron agrupadas en función de la variable Maltrato (Non-Abused/Abused) y categorizadas en este último grupo en función de que el agresor fuese considerado es­pecialista o generalista por sus víctimas.

Unperceibed dating violence among Mexican students. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 14, 39-47.

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“Drawing it all together, I think it is likely cavemen and cavewomen said ‘duh’ before they said ‘ugg’,” says de Boer.

The air sac links onto an extension on the hyoid bone known as the hyoid bulla.The aim of the present study is to determine if there are differences in the abuse profile among DV specialist (they show their abusive behavior specifically with their affective partner) and generalist batterers (they also express them in other environments and contexts). The sample was 447 women (range age from15 to 26 years; = 2.36). Modern humans have neither an air sac nor an extension on the hyoid bone.But —a hominin species that roamed Africa approximately 3.9 million to 2.9 million years ago—had a hyoid bulla, the fossil record shows, meaning it’s highly likely it had an air sac, too.Using plastic tubing, de Boer built models of the human vocal tract both without an air sac, like modern humans, and with one, like The air sacs acted like bass drums, resonating at low frequencies, and causing vowel sounds to merge; [an Australopithecus] would have had a greatly reduced vocabulary.Even simple words – such as “tin” and “ten” – would have sounded the same to her. What, then, might our ancestors’ first words have been?Basing on the results obtained, we discuss the need to consider the type of aggressor (generalist or specialist) in research on DV and its implications in the field of prevention. Competencia cognitiva en penados primarios y reincidentes: Implicaciones para la reeducación [Cognitive Competence among Recidivist and Non-recidivist Prisoners: Implications for the Rehabilitation]. https://doi.org/10.6018/analesps.30.1.158201 Arias, E., Arce, R. Violencia entre parejas jóvenes y adolescentes; Agresores generalistas; Agresores especialistas; Perfil de maltrato [Teen and youth dating violence; Generalist batterers; Specialist batterers; Abuse profile] Arce, R., Fariña, F. With air sacs, vowels tend to sound like the “u” in “ugg”.But studies suggest it is easier to produce a consonant plus a vowel, and “d” is easier to form with “u”.


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