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Any product or service: Which is not in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations whether federal, state, local or international including the laws of India.Mixed Businesses: If any Merchant is found to be availing CCAvenue's service for the above mentioned business types without Avenues' written approval then the Merchant will be subject to appropriate proceedings and, services of Avenues to Merchant will be terminated on immediate basis.Unregulated Charities: Merchant that does not have a Tax exemption or local council registration number.Card member Activated Terminals: Road Tolls, Car Parking Lots and Garages, Petrol Pumps, Cinema Kiosks, Railway Self-Service Ticketing.Live Plants/ Animals: Offensive goods, crime which include crime scene photos or items, such as personal belongings, associated with criminals.Alcoholwhich includes alcohol or alcoholic beverages such as beer, liquor, wine, or champagne.

Illegal goods: Which include materials, products, or information promoting illegal goods or enabling illegal acts Miracle cures: Which include unsubstantiated cures, remedies or other items marketed as quick health fixes Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Seller of marijuana used for medicinal purposes Regulated goods: Which include air bags; batteries containing mercury; Freon or similar substances/refrigerants; chemical/industrial solvents; government uniforms; car titles; license plates; police badges and law enforcement equipment; lock-picking devices; pesticides; postage meters; recalled items; slot machines; surveillance equipment; goods regulated by government or other agency specifications Multi-level Pyramid Selling: Multi-level marketing system which uses one or more of the following practices which may be considered deceptive: Matrix sites: Matrix sites or sites using a matrix scheme approach Work-from-home: Work-from-home/earn online.

Replica Products: Counterfeit and unauthorized goods, which include replicas or imitations of designer goods; items without a celebrity endorsement that would normally require such an association; fake autographs, counterfeit stamps, and other potentially unauthorized goods.

Gambling: Gaming/gambling which includes lottery tickets, sports bets, memberships/ enrolment in online gambling sites, and related content.

PC support services: Providing diagnostic, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair services to a computer or similar device.

Franchisee Services: A party (franchisee) acquired to allow them to have access to a business's (the franchiser) proprietary knowledge, processes, and trademarks in order to allow the party to sell a product or provide a service under the business's name.


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