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Well, to this I objectdear xenomorph,have you ever heard of the bonobos?

they're a group of chimps and they resolve conflicts through sexual activities, female-female, male male, anything goes really.how's that for not normal/natural?

You can't seem to understand that what everybody do under the covers in their own time is NOT my business.

I don't go around parading my heterosexuality demanding more rights and recognition? They are the only one rubbing their choice in everyone elese's faces.

however imagine a world where everyone's gay - humanity will cease to exist within one generation.

and yeah - you CAN"T use any other of your abominations such as surrogate mothers, egg implantation, etc.p.s.

Or maybe you have interesting insights on how zigots form from two sperm cells and/or two eggs?

The purpose of the blog was to illicit some understanding and perhaps a little empathy. There will always be folks who just don't get it. A little compassion and tolerance never hurt anyone in this world. However, the world won't stop turning for the rest of us if you simply can't. I am gay and i cen not see them bing gau if you are a13 teen year old gay boy sead me a email my email is [email protected] name jakob dick I am gay jakob dick is hot i email him and mate a big big he hais WHAT THE HECK IS THIS i cant belive some parents dress their kids like this and its offensive to gay people like myself its just sad that kids get this done to them if they are gay THATS FINE but still what in the world were their parents thinking IF they decided to dress them up like that BUT if the kids dressed themselves then this comment has no meaning so :(Wow, what a bunch of dimwits some of the posters here are.

That also means, that since it happens in nature, there is nothing wrong with it.

As an atheist, you surely must agree that if there isn't no higher being giving us moral codes, there is only one moral code that can be followed and it's nature.

I did not in any way imply that humans are better off with having males/females remove from the population and I have no idea where you get that from.

I'm not here to be creative and cool but claiming that you studied biology and an atheist yet showing so much arrogance is very disappointing.


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