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“We’re bring all these types of experiences together.” He noted also that the webview could be prefetched to be very fast, which one of many under the hood performance improvements the app has seen in recent months to improve the startup time on mobile, and other latency issues.

He will give a recommendation on how soon it is necessary to go to the doctor.

Connecting with a Chat Bot Interacting with a Chat Bot Community Q&A Facebook Messenger chat bots are a way to communicate with the companies and services that you use directly through Messenger.

The goal of chat bots is to minimize the time you would spend waiting on hold or sifting through automated phone menus.

“It’s not easy,” said Marcus of rolling out a platform like Messenger’s bots. What we wanted to do at F8 is enable all the over 34,000 devs on the platform, whether they’re building capabilities for third-parties or actual experiences,” he said.

While some bots – like those focused on delivering news – have done well, others have needed a lot of work to offering a compelling experience.


  1. Can you add Facebook Messenger bots to group. there are a lot of chat bots which could become much more valuable to users if they could work with.

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