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Sedating a child at the dentist

Araceli Avila never dreamed that her daughter's life might be at risk during a visit to the dentist.

There might be a three year old getting a filling doing just fine sitting next to a twelve year old who is extremely anxious or defiant.

Therefore, some kids are better served with treatment under general ansthesia.

In fact, if there is so much work that several sedative appointments will be required to complete the treatment, then the option of general anesthesia is usually discussed.

One problem with sedation in pediatric dentistry is that you can only give what is considered a "safe" dosage.

Those chidren who do not respond to that dosage, well, you don't just give twice the dose and hope it will take. Whatever is used, you monitor vital signs in accordance with the AAPD guidelines.


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  3. Pediatric Dental Care also works closely with a dentist anesthesiologist. Depending on the planned method of sedation for your child.

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  5. One of children's greatest fears has long been the dentist. But maybe it's the parents who should be afraid. Dental sedation, or the practice of using.

  6. Visa video · After several recent deaths, there are new concerns about sedating children for dental procedures.

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