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As for swinging, tantra, and bdsm, they are personal lifestyle choices which can be safely pursued with consenting adults, and is a small part of the mainstream population as well, not at all pagan-specific.These are all arenas in which narcs can manipulate and coerce unsuspecting victims, which may or may not be pagan in nature, and in most cases in society, are not.The very idea of bartering, cash-less trading, dressing up in costume, being at one with all humanity without your regular trappings, free from your usual everyday roles, the opportunity to discard every notion you ever had about yourself and find yourself again, blah, blah, blah…just seemed too precious and too pretentious to me.In my life experience, you don’t need to spend one week on a dry and dusty and windy desert lake bed with 50,000 other people who are just as encrusted in dust and body odour as you are, under some contrived device to, “Discover who you really are.” I sniffed out right away the wrongness of the premise of Burning Man, it just smacked of so much pretentious bullshit.

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Consent is above all else, it has to be certain, and to not have direct and complete sexual consent is either coercion or assault–even if it is not physically violent, or physically obvious, it is still forced sexual consent.

Reply I am seriously disturbed when reading about these narcissistic jerks that think they are gods gift to humanity.

I do recall my ex talking about wanting to go to Burning Man with his twin Brother and my ex sister-in-law.

Reply susanbotchie, there isn’t anything wrong with being pagan.

Are you suggesting that an activity or event is inherently suspect due to being religious in nature?


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