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There have been five such raids in Abkhazia this month alone, and those are just the ones the State Department knows about.The newest intelligence suggests that these people are being rounded up, beaten, tortured, sometimes to death.The man giving the testimony, along with 90 others, have found their way to an underground Abkhazian LGBT coalition, and now they need help out of the country. She’s doing the best she can to stay professional, but the ripples are just underneath her skin.She wants to help, and she doesn’t have time for protocol and long term economic sanctions. The ongoing case in Abkhazia is obviously affecting Kat personally, leaving her more vulnerable and willing to open up than we’ve seen thus far.

She’s just been told of a club raid in Abkhazia, where the government arrested everyone on trumped up charges of prostitution and resisting arrest.She and Jay Whitman, the Chief of Staff, chow down on some Chinese food in the office while waiting for the next step.Over the nosh session, Kat mentions her young daughter Desi, which prompts a question from Jay as to whether she’s on the whole parenting journey alone.episode, “Refuge,” the show gave Ramirez space to really shine as Kat guides us through a fictionalized, but nonetheless harrowing LGBTQIA human rights violation case.She also explores her personal, multiple intersections, coming out to the viewing audience as a queer, bisexual woman.Granted, there's still no official word on whether or not Callie will ever come back to roam the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.But while you wait for that magical day, you're going to want to tune in to , Sandoval is "a brilliant political strategist, legendary in D. for her talent and for abruptly dropping out of politics until Elizabeth manages to coax her back into the State Department." Now that sounds like a role Ramirez will really be able to sink her teeth into!After all, it’s a political drama that focuses on the Secretary of State and international affairs, rarely pausing to delve too deeply into the personal lives outside of Elizabeth and her family.Color me pleasantly surprised, no actually, completely shell shocked and sobbing, to watch Kat sit across from Jay and utter the word “bisexual” to describe herself.Executive producer and series creator Barbara Hall shared her happiness over landing Ramirez, saying in a statement, "We're very excited that Sara is joining the cast.She brings a fresh perspective and a fun, energetic quality to the State Department staff." Co-executive producer Lori Mc Creary is clearly pumped too.


  1. Sara Ramirez biography with personal life affair, girlfriend, Gay, married info wife, children, divorce. A collection of facts with age, height.

  2. In that moment, you can see the tiny glint in Sara Ramirez’s eye because of what she’s about to do. The out bisexual actress came out personally after her Grey’s Anatomy character did, and now she gets to do it again in a

  3. More than three years after her "Grey's" debut, Ramírez, 33, talked to the Daily News about her character's new gay story line, the rumor that she'll be starring in her own "Grey's" spinoff and whether she's going to star in the "In the Heights" movie.

  4. Tony winner Sara Ramirez leads the way in this "Callie-centric" musical, while promoting her new mini-album, Sara Ramirez -- EP. Pin The Music Event has been all anyone can talk about for months and it's finally here, along with an album from Sara Ramirez!

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