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In tlie first phice, marks have been preferred to figures, as being equally precise and less perplexing.

In the second place, the pro- nunciation is indicated only by the marks and the ordinary sounds of the letters, no attempt being matlo to render the pronunciation more plain by a different mode of spelling ; except in peculiar words, and in such as are pronounced in two different ways, one of which w^ays is generally indicated by marics, and the other by spelling the word as it is pronounced.

I repeat that I have derived considerable aid from Webster and Worcester. I must acknowledge that, in the absence of the valuable work of the last-mentioned author, my speed would have been considerably retarded. They would have, doubtless, greatlj enhanced its value. But their inser- tion would have deferred its completion to a very remote day, and made it too bulky and expensive for those for whom it is principally intended. Instead of aiming at uniformity, therefore, he has preferred that mode of spelling each word wliich he found to be supported by the grea. He has pursued a similar plan in the pronunciation of words. Generally, the system of Walker has been adopted, as being most in accordance with the usage of the educated portion of society; hut the Compiler has not hesitated to depart from it. It is meagre and defective : meagre, because the number of words it gives is very limited ; defective, because syllabication, pronunciation, and etymology — three of the most important elements of a good lexicon — do not enter into its plan. That there is need of a better and more com- prehensive Anglo-Hindustani dictionaiy than any one now procurable in the market, few will deny. ft jfsmf H Lai Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration m USSOORIE LIBRARY ? Yet D’Bozario’s, with all its merits, is far behind the age. My motive has be^ no other than to servo 4^; with my mite. I have ab- jur^all pecuniary profit from the liile. During my progress,^ were forwarded to competj^t judges in different quarters. But to satisfy a U parties, in all respects, is a impossibility. ^divialoii^ften omitted in compliance with the wishes of the Publisher, who thought that the omission, however repugnant to Sanskrit propriety, would suit the taste of the public better than the retention. Phrases do not necessarily form a part of the plan of the Work.


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