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Russian sex dating pics

The president wants NATO countries to spend 4% of their GDP on their militaries.In fairness, Trump didn’t dream up this daffy idea himself: […] Everyone in America should be concerned about recent news that the U. Department of Education has quietly but steadily deprioritized investigations into fraud and abuse by a number of for-profit institutions.An enormous volume of interest and speculation surrounds the workings of the Clinton Foundation, which is to be expected. At the same time, for the sake of accuracy it’s crucial to differentiate between partisan accusations and what we actually know about it — however little that may be. also reported receiving documents and eyewitness testimony “indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow,” although no specifics about who those Russian nuclear officials were or how the money was allegedly routed to the Clinton Foundation were given. House intelligence and oversight committees announced the launch of a joint investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Russian purchase of Uranium One.

But perhaps worse is his bold—but more mainstream—demand that NATO countries meet an arbitrary military spending goal."Secretary of State Hillary Clinton transferred 20% of US uranium to Putin's Russia as 9 investors in the deal funneled 5 million to the Clinton Foundation." Is this a true fact? In the months leading up to the 2016 United States presidential election, stories abounded about the relationships between the Clinton Foundation and various foreign entities. A chapter in the book suggests that the Clinton family and Russia each may have benefited from a “pay-for-play” scheme while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, involving the transfer of U. uranium reserves to the new Russian owners of an international mining operation in exchange for 5 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation. During the same time frame that the acquisition took place, the Clinton Foundation accepted contributions from nine individuals associated with Uranium One totaling more than 0 million, Schweizer claimed in .The mining company, Uranium One, was originally based in South Africa, but merged in 2007 with Canada-based Ur Asia Energy. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) at closer to one-tenth of the United States’ uranium production capacity in 2017) — thus requiring the approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), on which the U. Among those who followed Schweizer in citing the transaction as an instance of alleged Clinton corruption was GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who said during a June 2016 speech in New York City: An image circulating via social media during the final months of the presidential campaign asked the question, “So Hillary, if Russia is such a threat, why did you sell them 20% of our uranium? ” The Uranium One Deal Was Not Clinton’s to Veto or Approve Among the ways these accusations stray from the facts is in attributing a power of veto or approval to Secretary Clinton that she simply did not have.Foundation Admits to Disclosure Mistakes One fault investigations into the Clinton Foundation’s practices did find was that not all of the donations were properly disclosed — specifically, those of Uranium One Chairman Ian Telfer between 20.The foundation admitted this shortcoming and pledged to correct it, but as the It is also true that large donations to the foundation from the chairman of Uranium One, Ian Telfer, at around the time of the Russian purchase of the company and while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, were never disclosed to the public.The victims are often left deeply damaged ― both financially and psychologically ― and so embarrassed that they’re reluctant to come forward even when they realize they’ve been scammed. Jones is a victim too: His name and photos were stolen to create the fake identities used in romance scams.Those in a position to help quash this fraud, meanwhile, treat it like “a small brush fire, when actually it is a raging forest fire,” said Dr. The transfers to Europe were legal because they were approved by another agency, the U. The receiving country is required to commit to use the material only for peaceful purposes (not for development of any nuclear explosive device), to maintain adequate physical protection, and not to retransfer the material to a third country or alter it in form or content without the prior consent of the U. To date, there is no evidence that any of this uranium made its way to Russia. The Timing of Most of the Clinton Foundation Donations Does Not Match Of the 5 million allegedly contributed to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One investors, the lion’s share — 1.3 million — came from a single donor, Frank Giustra, the company’s Canadian founder. “Frank and I have been friends and business partners for almost 20 years,” he said. Clinton’s highest — was paid by Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin that has invited world leaders, including Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, to speak at its investor conferences.An NRC spokesman cited by Fact in October 2017 reaffirmed Satorius’s assurances that “the U. government has not authorized any country to re-transfer U. uranium to Russia.” NRC officials also say they’re unaware of any Uranium One exports from the U. But Giustra sold off his entire stake in the company in 2007, three years before the Russia deal and at least 18 months before Clinton became secretary of state. He said he had given the money because he wanted to support Mr. Renaissance Capital analysts talked up Uranium One’s stock, assigning it a “buy” rating and saying in a July 2010 research report that it was “the best play” in the uranium markets.on CFIUS, said Clinton “never intervened” in committee matters.Clinton herself has said she wasn’t personally involved. A 2015 letter from NRC official Mark Satorius to a member of Congress revealed that an unspecified amount of yellowcake (semi-processed) uranium was shipped from a Uranium One facility in Wyoming to Canada between 20 for conversion (additional processing to prepare it for enrichment).


  1. Jul 20, 2017. Using fake profiles on online dating sites and social networks, including. They may also threaten to release those “sex tapes” to gain their victims' cooperation. The person whose pictures are taken has no idea anything is amiss until. One woman from Russia sent beseeching requests to HuffPost.

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