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Another category of postal history is antique postcards.

If you’d like to carry it in your store give me a call. In Bellows Falls: Lisai’s and M&M Creations at 3 Westminster Street.And you can find copies at Tina’s Cards in the Springfield shopping plaza.Today a collector can find postcards from just about any subject.Another collectable category of postcards are Holiday cards.Most cards in the collection were commercially produced and represent well known landmarks, buildings, monuments of major cities and popular tourist destinations, such as the State Capitol in Albany, Statue of Liberty, and Niagara Falls.The hustle and bustle of New York City is well documented in this collection as too, are the major upstate cities of Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.These include: Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year cards.Some of the Halloween cards are exceptional with bright orange pumpkins and black cats.And if a postcard is postmarked you have a rough date the card was produced.Sometimes the message written on the card provides useful information as well.


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